Creating new .mid file?

  • HI mate.

    You should already have a folder in your patches folder called "My Patches".....With this .Mid File you can save or create your own Patches in to this and then you can copy and paste this .Mid file on to your desktop, Or email it around to your friends.

    The "My patches folder" should be 127 Iinital pacthes in it meaning just your generic flat sound to helps you start creating whatever you feel like creating.

    Hope this help's man, Keep in mind this will only work if your using he VC

    Any more questions feel free to ask



  • Ray,

    Thank you for that quick reply !

    Now, tell me if I'm wrong : I tried and duplicate (using a simple copy/paste in windows) that 'My Patches' .mid file with a different name though, hoping that VC would find another patches file in the folder. But this is not the case, it is not recognised.

    So, my final question : is it possible to have and access various .mid files in the My Patches folder.

    Thx again


  • Hi mate

    Yeah you should be able to. For example if you have a "My Patches" folder and within that folder you will have if you want to set it up like that Variouse .Mid files in it, it should work

    Just remember that when you open your Various .Mid file in the VC there might not be showing "inital" from 1 to 127, since your starting fresh it will look blank

    but if you press say No 1 you will get that Inital flat sound by pressing any key on your midi controller or Keyboard.

    Hope this helps

  • Ray,

    Thanks again.

    I've found my way around this problem : once I restart my host DAW, I can see and select the duplicated .mid files. This way, I'll be able to edit and handle different .mid files for every project.

    Have a nice day.