A little help please - Virus Audio Quality

  • Hi folks,

    I have been having a little trouble with the mixdowns from my virus. When I render a file I get little audio glitches, crackles and errors. I have installed OS4 today and things are improved but when for example, I mixdown say the ClubSub patch, I get little audio defects here and there. My question is, is this normal?

    I know that may sound like a silly question but I can't seem to get rid of these noises. They are often quite faint but they are there!

    Could anyone be so kind to listen to this file and tell me if I have a problem? The noises are not on each note, just here and there. I have marked in the comments section on Soundcloud where I hear glitches. It is very noticeable in places when played on studio monitors. You may need to download the wav to hear some of the less obvious noises.


    If it's normal, I just need to know. I can get a perfectly clean file if I render it 15-20 times, one is usually clean.

    Any help would be appreciated


  • Can we have a little more info on how you are doing it. It may be a USB selective suspend issue...

    Had a listen, it might even be clipping pre delay/reverb or something

  • Hi there, thanks for giving it a listen. I am mixing down via USB. That file was created by the store I bought the virus in. They are currently doing some tests on it and they think the virus is functioning correctly. The info I got on that mixdown is the following.....

    G sharp Key and the following

    "ClubSub MS2 tweaked
    "ClubSub MS" preset
    "%SOFT% CC" with filter attack turned up slightly.

    I'm not sure exactly what they tweaked, will ask them tomorrow when they reopen. In your opinion, is there an issue in that mixdown? I find it difficult to believe a synth with such a good name mixes down like this. I don't know if the store noticed the glitches, possibly not.

    Cheers again for your help and input.


  • This could be audio buffer underruns from a poorly set up system. USB selective suspend could be enabled (this caused such glitching for me). The audio track to be clipping slightly. There are number of possible explainations - one would have to fiddle around with it to work out what.

  • It shouldn't be that way, but you need to provide some more info about the setup you are using (what host, buffer sizes, soundcard etc), possibly a small project demonstrating the problem. With all this information you should also address support directly, so they might troubleshoot the settings ( I think it is only a settings issues, but to tell for sure, please contact support ).

    for a first step into the right direction, check if it also happens if you are using the Virus as ASIO/CoreAudio soundcard.


  • Hi folks,

    Thanks again for your interest and advice. The system that file was mixed down on is a Windows XP system belonging to the store that I bought the unit from.

    However, I get the same results on my own system, very often worse!

    My system is a Quadcore Imac with 8G of Ram. I am running both Cubase 5 and Logic 9. Im am running Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I use the Virus as my ASIO/CoreAudio soundcard. I have also tried rendering with an mbox 2 with simialr results.

    I also own a PC and a Macbook Pro. I get the same results on all.

    Does anyone notice that the tuning on this file is slightly out. Not majorly I admit but it does vary. Should the tuning be rock solid or should there be minor variations?

    Cheers folks,

    I appreciate your time and help

    Suburban Dream