Sean Tyas is the biggest Hypocrite EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A couple of years ago 2009 to be correct Sean Tyas stated on the FUTURE MUSIC Video his production Quick Tip was that people should "not buy a Virus Ti and that it was buggy and to not buy in to the hype and to stick with what you know like software"

    The Video link is here for all of you to see

    BUT in a new video post from Sean Tyas him self AGAIN on FUTURE MUSIC, He is clearly using the VIrus Ti and its VC in his music production.

    The Video link is here

    its about 40 sec in to the video and you can clearly seem him use it.

    Now what pisses me off is that i have seen posts on other forums that people where scared to buy a Virus Ti because of what this man had to say, either way i went with my gut feeling and bought it since it was my dream to buy a Virus Ti ever since it came out, i own a Virus Ti 2 desktop and it has never failed me and it is the first thing i open when working on a track.

    This just proves for new people to not always listen to the big guns in the music industry and follow your heart just like what i did.

    Don't get me wrong Sean Tyas is a great producer and Dj, so this is not a hate post, but this comes to show that if you truly want something that you need to always find out for your self and not listen to other people.

    I personally would like to see an apology from this guy but i don't see it happening any time soon.

    Max respect to all you people out there.


  • Well, we can say he's a hypocrite but do have a read on what Sean Tyas posted:

    Maybe now we can understand where he's coming from.

    If one spent USD 2500 for an Access Virus keyboard that does not work as it should, it's pretty annoying and hence his reply on the video. Maybe he felt ripped off and he chould have spent the money on something else.

    Until now, there's still loads of issues posted by forumers in this forum and other forums as well and it's good to see that Access developers are working on them issues and seeding updates.

    Oh well, we still love our Virus...Cheers

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  • Maybe he got the Virus we see in the second video as a present - so he didn't buy it... ;)

    Why can't people do their own decision... the first video gives almost no serious evidence why to avoid usinging a Virus.... and honestly, do people just listen to one opinion only?

  • wow, I didn't know he said that in the first video because he uses the virus so much in the second fm mag video.
    Every one knows that the Virus is the heart of trance music so if I was into trance that would have been the first synth I bought!
    His a good producer though and I have to give it up for the skills he has.

    Interesting post.



  • To be honest i can perfectly understand him, TI/VCP is out now for a while, and it's still struggeling with such teething problems, with every update some problems are fixed, but new ones are introcuded (at least for me :/). For example with OS4 the arpeggio is now totally cranked up for me, it's out of synch, it's jumping and stumbling while it was perfectly fine with OS3, though with OS3 others complained about sync problems - where is this going to end up?

    Everyone knows that writing software for various OS and DAWs isn't that easy, but after ~5 years it's finally time for a stable version if you ask me, but instead more and more features are added, that's what many software is suffering from, featuritis - kind of. In the software world every once in a while there must be a feature freeze, giving the developers time to fix bugs and stuff, and personally i think that should have happend before OS4.

    I love the Virus, but VCP is annoying me since i bought the TI one year ago, and integrating it via Audio instead of USB (like my old Virus A and B which are still in use) is getting more and more tempting. If someone would ask me if it's a good idea to buy it, well, if he would only want it because of the "Total Integration" capability, then my answer would also be no, not until it's finally stable.