How To Route Atomizer Into Ableton to Record

  • I don't think there is an answer. This question has been asked on numerous threads in meny ways. You get a TIMO response "have you read the atomizer manual". But if you do read it it will tell you what every thing does in atomizer but not a workable setup. A video tutorial for different DAWS would be good. I have a feeling that it only works correctly in Logic on a mac. Ableton has timing issues with the Virus Ti which hinders the use of atomizer. I have tried meny different setups with both CUBASE and ABLETON. I can get atomizer to function but i'm unable to record the midi or the effected audio.

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    Andy R

  • usually in ableton live is easier than cubase because of routing virus input channel
    please enable your virus other virus output usb2 and 3 then choose a vocoder patch and then change the input setting to dynamic then create an audio track then change the input to virus 2 or 3 which you routed your patch channel output next enable your monitor BY (IN) button in live mixer and send your input signal to the virus and then press a key then record your playback...