NEW Thread For: TI Detune problems (when used in USB mode)

  • My Ti2 keyboards has this issue also.Using Sonar the problem goes away for a while by toggling the audio engine off then on again a few times. Was hoping os 5 corrected the issue as I haven't updated yet.
    Hope it isn't an actual fault because its done it since I got the thing nearly a year ago.
    Watching this thread with interest.

  • I've heard of pitch detuning problems before, but this is the first time i've seen it properly occuring - thats quite a noticable deviation. I can say for certain that my Virus does not do that (although mine is an old TI Desktop). It all depends where the Virus is deriving its clock from... perhaps the USB clock? in that case you can blame your USB card... or maybe its trying to sync with your audio card's clock and there is a variable delay in acquiring synchronisation?

    One thing I can't see in the video is whether you're working via Virus Control in Live mode... as that could certainly cause this problem as the delay tends to be variable in live mode...