Upgraded computer, now it won't find the virus TI at all... Need help please.

  • Hi everyone,

    I recently bought some new parts for my computer like the P8P67 motherboard with I7 chipset and 12GB memory, aswell as 3 completely new harddrives, so it got a fresh windows 7 64-bit on it.

    I downloaded the latest drivers from the download section and after installing them, restarting the computer, activate the virus and i get a message from windows saying that's unable to reconise the device connected to it.

    What's is the problem here?

    FIXED! I changed the cable from my midi controller with the virus ti2 one and now it finds the virus. So the cable was the problem!

  • Dang them cables. In x or y years all cables will be history, and tangles, trips and dud connections will be things of folklore :)

    Glad you sorted out your problem meanwhile.

  • How is VC working out for you? I have the P8P67 as well with a 2600K and 8GB of ram and for me it unusable. I get crackles, pops and clicks throughout audio playback that I just cannot solve regardless of what I have done to try and remedy this. I too had severe issues getting my Virus to be found on the onboard USB ports found on the back of the motherboard when other devices were plugged in as well. I was forced to get a PCI based USB card to remedy this. Still have the pops, clicks and crackles however.

  • Weird...I have exactly the same issues.
    Bought a new PC (HP G5320), re-install everything but the Virus wasn't recognized at all. I changed the USB cable and get a shorter one and then the installation worked.
    But when I rebooted the PC to perform the TI hardware update, my keyboard and mouse got frozen...I had to unplug them and plug them back in the front panel USB slots...
    I'm gonna check now to see if it work properly.

    It seems like the Ti needs a huge USB bandwidth. Would be cool to have only a lightweight driver for Midi over USB only (for those who don't use audio over USB).

  • Man, had the same thing happen to me! Everything was working fine and then for some unknown reason the Virus Ti Polar didn't want to recognized by my Win 7 PC.

    However, after changing all the USB leads and trying out all the available ports I had and having no luck a quick Virus Reset did the trick!

    Now, back to making some soundzzz.....


  • @ fringe

    I was forced to get a PCI based USB card to remedy this. Still have the pops, clicks and crackles however.

    Could you please tell me which make/model and chipset your card is.....I had a problem with my motu 828mkII making clicks,crackles and pops and it turned out to be my onboard firewire port using the inferrier VIA chipset........Anyhow got a pci-e to firewire card with the Holy Grail of Texas Instruments chipset and everything worked perfect.....All this was on my previous build so i made shore that my current motherboard had that firewire chipset on to eliminate that problem........job done!!!

    Now all i need to do is find out which either powered hub or pci-e to usb 2 card i need for smooth operation for my virus Ti but no one seems to know or want share this information it seems!!