virus tutorial book outdated ?

  • There are a lot of sources<>parameters in Mod Matrix. Is very big .
    Howard Scar once said that the key lies in Mod Matrix to know
    exactly the logic for all parameters when you look at that Matrix section... More strange Mod Matrix is the
    most unexplained section in the manual , Vir tutorial or parameters
    reference book . Also Virus tutorial by Howard appears to be outdated
    because that tutorial was made for Virus C many years ago. So i think a lot of
    info is missing . Now Virus tutorial book should have a lot of new info added

  • The books are a little dated, however there is documentation accessible through VC (by clicking the '?' in the bottom right of the plugin) which details the latest additions to the TI OS.

    The mod matrix works by assigning modulators (envs, LFOs, Velocity Input) to parameters allowing positive or negative modulation from that parameters position. What are you having trouble with?

  • bagpula, I understand that you're frustrated, but I think you would find more people inclined to help you if you stopped framing everything as an attack. Everything is a flaw in the gear or a flaw in Access' support, when, honestly, it's clear that you just don't really understand what you're dealing with.

    The reason there doesn't need to be a ton of detail in the mod matrix section of the manual is because it's not really introducing new concepts. It's about modulating existing parameters which are all pretty clear to someone with an understanding of the fundamentals of synthesis. If you're modulating a filter parameter, an explanation of that parameter is in the filter section. If you're modulating an oscillator value, an explanation is in the oscillator section. It doesn't warrant some type of super complex explanation in and of itself because it's all about routing one thing to another thing.

    You've made it clear in some other thread that you want to present yourself as some degree of expert, but you've also made it clear with the things you're asking that you're not actually super familiar with synths. That's okay, that's %100 cool. There are times when we all weren't. But it would be cool if you dropped the "I'm an expert and this is a piece of junk" routine, and then we could start addressing what you don't actually understand and why that's confusing you.

    Howard Scarr wrote the tutorial guide on his own free time, I believe, and kindly allowed Access to continue to publish it on their website. He doesn't work with Access any more. The principles he describes in the guide still apply to the latest OS, and the inclusion of all the new features and whatever wouldn't really change the things he's saying, believe it or not. He's doesn't need to talk about formant oscillator modes because it's not super relevant to the basic principle type stuff that he's writing about. The guide is still an excellent place to familiarize yourself with the basics.

    The complex oscillator types do take a bit of work to wrap your head around, but they're covered really well in the tutorial videos - they're explained at length in the manual (or the addendum) too, but the complexity of them makes the language a little hard to parse. Access has one of the most clearly written manuals I've ever seen, but I'm getting that I have a head for reading technical descriptions when you prefer to learn in other ways.

    If you can try to articulate what's confusing you without arguing or ranting, I'll be back to help, but if you just keep on with the same attitude I'm done reading your threads. Your choice.

    I know this sounds a bit harsh, but it's well meant. I'm really hoping we can move forward in a pleasant way, because I enjoy helping people.

  • I totally agree with what Neuromodulator posted. Good mindset & attitude always invites others to help. :D:D

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  • :thumbup: ok man . Nice answer . I'm a little tired . That's all.