HALP! access virus C!

  • Been playing around with my Access Virus C (desktop module) and I've come across a little problem. Ive been trying the understand the store system with the Virus (wayyyy to complicated for nubs like myself) and I saved Rom bank A to Ram back C (or the other way around - Ram back A to Rom bank C, can't remember which is the right order) and when I would go through the single sounds (A,B,C,D) sound A would be the exact same as sound C.. so I played around with it a bit more and now sound A is its own, but B,C,D are now all the EXACT same sound... I'm assuming I can only fix this problem through SoundDriver Virus?

    Another question (if anyone knows) is what is the point of this? Why would any1 load Rom back A to rom back C if it just changes the setup to having 2 of the exact same sounds under 1 category? (A/C sound the same but B and D are different?)


  • I am a Virus b user and storing entier banks from one to the other isn't an issue I ran into on my b. Being that most of the desktop modules are all similar you have to use the parameter button to move back and forth after pressing "store" here using the "parameter" and "part" buttons you can name your patch, then select which bank (A-H) and numeric patch location (1-127) you want to copy your sound to. Be warned that anything you copy to is going to be overwritten so be sure you are not copying to a patch previously written... Many of the patches you see are factory presets.

    I do know there is a bank copy as well you should not see this as a default selection tho.

    Sounddiver is a rather old program, but if you have it working and synced you can dump everything to youre computer VIA the interface and clear out all the banks leaving you with just the Init sound used to tweak other sounds out of. (mind you I am going off of memory on this) you can then download many of the old patches and factory sounds and upload them to the banks you want also.

    WHat I generally like to do is leave the last bank (H on the Virus b) completely empty and copy patches I create from init sounds there.

    not sure if this is much help, but it is what I do recall of properly storing patch data on the desktop modules. :)