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    I currently own the access virus classic desktop module and I had a question in regards to the multi mode
    I understand how single mode works.. now I am wondering how the multi mode works.. Is it just assigning different patches to different keys on the keyboard?
    I have tried to figure it out but the manual for my virus isn't as noob-friendly as I would have liked it to be
    does multi mode just combine different patch sounds to one key?
    It's super confusing trying to figure it out when the software isn't compatible on new apple Macs


    Been playing around with my Access Virus C (desktop module) and I've come across a little problem. Ive been trying the understand the store system with the Virus (wayyyy to complicated for nubs like myself) and I saved Rom bank A to Ram back C (or the other way around - Ram back A to Rom bank C, can't remember which is the right order) and when I would go through the single sounds (A,B,C,D) sound A would be the exact same as sound C.. so I played around with it a bit more and now sound A is its own, but B,C,D are now all the EXACT same sound... I'm assuming I can only fix this problem through SoundDriver Virus?

    Another question (if anyone knows) is what is the point of this? Why would any1 load Rom back A to rom back C if it just changes the setup to having 2 of the exact same sounds under 1 category? (A/C sound the same but B and D are different?)


    Currently I own the access virus classic desktop module. I am in the process of reading the manual and when I first came across the Aux busses section I decided to skip it because I have not been doing music that long so I thought it was something I would understand after I did more stuff within the production field. That was 5 months ago and I still don't understand what I am reading when it comes to the information on the Internal Audio Routing - Aux buses section. I was wondering if anyone either owns an access virus C or could easily explain what is actually happening within the Internal Audio routing and what the point of it is? The manual mentions stuff about Inputs/ outputs/ parts (and if anyone knows what PART's are exactly that would probably help clairfy what I am actually reading)

    Any feedback is appreciated


    Hey guys I was hoping that someone would be able to give me some advice as to how to properly setup my virus classic with my midi interface/ midi keyboard so that I would be able to properly load sounds up from the virus to the computer so I could use them in my DAW. This is currently what my setup looks like

    Keyboard Midi out ----> Midi In (A) (On midi interface)

    Midi out (A) (On Midi interface) ----> Midi In (Virus classic)

    USB Midi interface ---> USB computer

    Every time I try to run the Sound Driver Virus software I get a pop up saying "No new devices found. Please check midi cables and devices. Then a bunch of option such as click help (which does nothing), click set up manually (I have no idea how to do that) or click retry if you have fixed the device or switched the cables"

    Do I need to purchase another Midi cable and connect it from the Midi out (Virus classic) ----> Midi In (B) (Midi interface)?
    If anyone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks