Virus Ti snow vst plugin issue in ableton live 8 - im sure its simple but i need help

  • Hi, im using ableton live 8 , and recently started using my Virus Ti snow VST Plugin. i open up a midi track,so far so good, and open the virus plugin in it. so far it works exactly as i want it, no problem what so ever.
    Now...finished with my first Virus midi channel and i would like to start with a new sound from the Virus on a Different Channel, so i open a new midi track and do the same, open the Plugin on my new track,When i do that the plugin shows up with the following massage : "No free Virus TI snow available. You are already running instances of virus control allocating all connected Virus Ti snow devices.
    you can only open Virus control once for every device."
    How can i use Two or more channel with the virus plugin Simultaneously?? :whistling:
    would really like some help :) im new with to virus stuff

  • Hi,

    You can only run one instance of the virus ti plugin.

    To access the other parts on the virus:

    -create a new midi channel in Ableton
    -DO NOT load another virus ti plugin on that channel
    -let the midi channel dump it's output to the channel the plugin lives on
    -set the virus part you want to send the midi notes to.

    Hope this helps,


  • step 1. insert virus in your midi channel. it is always channel 2 for me. so it is called 2.virus-ti [snow?]

    i am guessing you got this far .

    step 2. create a new midi channel in live.

    step 3. in the mixer on this channel, where it says no output, well click that box, and choose 2.virus-ti.

    step 4. open the box immediately below that one,
    which was blank beforehand, but now, after selecting the virus in the box above, will now say 'track in'
    and then you will see 1-16 virus options. '
    choose 2-virus

    [this time it means your second instance, which correlates to the 2nd instance in the VC]

    step 5. back in VC you can now highlight the second virus instrument. down the left hand side of the vc screen.
    and bang on.

    step 6. repeat.

    step 7. enjoy.

  • If i already bother you i might as well ask few more things:
    1.when i export my track to wav. it doesn't export my virus channels. a note appears - virus control warning
    "offline rendering or freezing to disk of Virus Ti tracks is not supported.
    Hint: please use the realtime rendering functionality provided by your host to avoid noise and crackle"
    the rest of the channels export just fine...

    2.I would like to design and my virus sounds with external effects (simply playing with each virus sound i created, through the different channels).
    When i drop an effect on a channel witch is not the controller (the Virus ti plugin channel) it disables the midi sends X( .
    is there a way to give each sends channel effects, not through the plugin channel?

    would be great to know :)

  • 1)

    Indeed Ableton will not render the virus portion of your song and this has a simple technical reason: When ableton renders a song, it makes all calculations on all tracks for producing a wav file. Making those calculations is not a problem for abletons effects and vst's but the Virus makes it' s calculations in the virus hardware. This cannot be controlled by Ableton, so the only way to "render" the virus is by recording the usb sound streams as a wav in realtime.


    The Virus can give you up to 3 seperate audio streams through the usb cable. To obtain those streams:

    -create an audio track
    -Every Ableton audio track has an audio input: set the input to the virus host track. In other words: your audio track draws the audio from the track which hosts the Virus plugin.
    -Under the audio input, you'll see another combobox: select the second (or possibly third) virus usb output.
    -On the virus plugin, make sure that a part dumps it's audio on the corresponding usb output, you set this in the common page.