OS 5 update processing needs

  • While I appreciate continuous OS updates I wonder how much DSP the new features will eat... in other words how will polyphony be affected when using the new features?

    I still ask myself if virus could have a realtime DSP load meter instead of or optionally to the patch complexity guess...

  • I Agree this feature would be genius as you could see the Ti's resources being eaten up as your tune progresses.. i wonder if their is any other synth with this feature or is it really hard to add and thats why we have not got it?!!

  • I imagine it would be really hard to calculate, particularly with "long tail" sounds (reverbs, long release values, etc) eating up polyphony the way they do. That said, boy would this be the most useful thing ever!

    Doing arrangements for live performance is almost depressing sometimes..."okay, shut off all the reverbs, switch to simple delays...shut off unison as often as possible...cut back to simpler oscillators...make sounds mono where I can...trim down release times...(etc, etc)"

    I do realize that buying a second TI would help (or upgrading to TI2, or thinning out the arrangements), but it'd be nice to keep track of what I can actually pull off live!

  • Korg Oasys and Korg Kronos both have a Performance Meter showing you:
    - Voice allocation, % used.
    - Voice stealing, # of Voices.
    - Effects processor, % usage.
    - For Kronos only, status of SST (Smooth Sound Transition)

    Those meters are displayed as progress bars so you can easily check how much polyphony a particular Program, Combi (Multi), Song (Sequencer) is consuming.

  • Thanks for your opinions.

    Well, I think Virus has no realtime load meter because it would shock people that practically the 80/100 voices of polyphony with a Ti/Ti2 will hardly be ever practically reached when interesting sounds have complexity between 3-5, meaning using dsp power for 3-5 voices of the polyphony count - or in other words shrinking the best guess numbers to 16 / 20 voices worst case. This does of course not include unison and I am not sure about efx calculated in the complexity value either.

    I personally don't mind the consequences - just that I'll be left in the dark what really happens.