Using Access Virus Ti2 Desktop in 16 Multichannels

  • Hello there, i'm a new user of Virus Ti2 Desktop and I finally could make it work together with my RME Fireface 400.

    Anyway, I'm using Ableton Live 8.2.8 and Presonus Studio One Pro v2 x64 bit...

    I tried in both DAWs to use multichannels and I succeeded without any problems.

    Now only issue is, if I wanna drag a VST effect, like an equalizer or a compressor on any of these channels, it simply work on all instead one...

    Anyone can help me in sorting this out...I usually like the equalize and compress every channel alone and I didnt succeed to do that with the multichannel Tracks in both softwares.


    Joe Mitri

    Presonus Studio One Pro V2 + Ableton Live 8.2.8 8)
    RME Fireface 400 8o
    Access Virus Ti2 Desktop :thumbup:
    Axiom 49 + Axiom 25 ^^
    UC33e Midi Mixer :!:
    Windows 7 X64 :P
    i7-2600k CPU
    16 GB Corsair Ram

  • The issue is the Virus TI only has 3 stereo USB outs. If you pan the 3 USB channels you could get up to 6 mixes. It sounds to me like you are running all 16 channels out of the same main output which would make any VST effects you drop on it have the effect on all of your Virus' internal channels. What you have to do is go to your patch confit and tell every patch which output to use and them create 2 or 4 more audio channels that are inputing from the main Virus TI channel.

  • my solution for this is work with virus via virus control in all 16 channels, when all 16 channels are used, record automations and convert to audio each channel individualy, and than you can equalize and compress the audio tracks as you want
    This method works for me