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    Hi,hello again, i'm having a problem, which is that i currently use my virus ti desktop, on a dualboot machine, with both Windows 10 and Mac OSX El capitan updated always..So when i first installed the virus on the mac, i realised it could only work with version on my mac, and with the version the virus would not be recognize by the system... so after it was working on the mac system with, i went to install to windows but the latest available version for windows is, so my problem is that..i need same driver version working on both OS, i always worked this way, on earlier mac systems and i really miss it.. so to conclude i want to know when could i expect a windows version or if theres any allternative solution for this issue xD

    thx in advance

    Hi! I don't think theres any other thread about this, anyway, is never too much when is about this feature... i would love if we could set a transpose for each step in the arpegiator section, we all loved when the arp to matrix was implemented... and i know that what im asking for is achievable by using it, but it takes a lot of patience, time and fine tuning to get there, and not always is 100% on tune...Everytime i want to do this i have to set arp to matrix, and route in the matrix arp input to pitch and loose a lot of time to get the steps in the right tuning... i don't think would be too much work to add this feature, and would be great for arp develpment....

    I mean like Omnisphere arpegiattor top row where you add between -24 and +24 semitones transpose in each arp step.
    Or like sylenth arpeggiator "transpose" row, that have the same function.

    Let me know what you think about it, and if its possible!


    and apparently the brazilian dealer, listed on access repair center page, when i called them, they said only that only make repairs from who bought from them, so there no assistance for me here in brazil, how can i proceed to send to repair

    i was changing my equipment arround, and when i connected everytghing back, the virus would not turn on anymore no sign, of life in any leds or screen, then i tested the power source with aniother gear and its working normaly, so any thoughts on why this happened
    thx in advance

    ooohhh, sorry for the misunderstanding! it was how i interpreted it! so ok, ill do as u say and send a picture, where the ink peeled off, actually, after the first response to the post, i used a small emery to clean the rust, and it was yet very shallow rust, now its clean metal again, i was considering aplying myself some sort of anti corrosion now that i removed the rust on it, while thinking i would not have support on the matter. Sorry again for misunderstanding what you meant, lets see how things work out!


    So what? just because im the first complaining about a problem, you assume is my fault? i use my virus pratically everyday since i got it, never left my studio, never exposed to water or rain, or any parametrer outside the specifications...anyways... even if it was;
    im i a customer trying to reach a soultion for a problem bothering me with my favorite gear, and instead of a solution, u say im the only one complaining!? :(

    Hey, i've been a virus ti 2 desktop owner since about 2009/2010 and having my virus ti was a dream come true and i have only good things to say about this fine piece of gear. I use in virtually any work i have!
    My Problem is, here in brazil, we have high humidity, and hot weather, and my virus unit is peeling the ink specially in the metal cover borders and near the volume knob on top.
    If it was just the peeling ink, it would be fine, but what worries me is that in the areas with exposed metal, im already noticing some rust trying to develop!

    Is my second attempt of getting some regarding this matter, but i really would like to have a solution while the problem at hand, still controlable!

    Thanks in advance!!

    Hi everyone!

    I've been a proud virus ti 2 user for a few years now, and i so happy and satisfied with it, that i can't help myself but to recommend it to everyone i know! hahaha
    Since i've bought mine, i have started the topic asking for free envelopes, which were implemented in OS 5 if my mind does not fail me, and for Arp to Matrix features!

    I don't know if this is achievable, but i still feel, that the step arpegiator should have a individual pitch selection for each step, a feature as seen in lennar digital sylenth step arpeggiator!
    I know it is achievable by routing arp input to osc pitch, but the values are not quantized, and its to much work for what should be simple, and could benefit users in pattern creation capabilities, even evolve later, maybe so users can save arp patterns and import/share them! It would be great!

    Another thing, that is just a wild idea, but theres was a specific plug-in that i miss so much, a famous multiband distortion seen in cubase from 3 to 5, Quadrafuzz.. Its really sharp and expand possibilities in sound shaping that most plugins cant acomplish.
    Just to put it out there!

    Let me know what you think about it!
    And access, keep the awesome job....xD


    Hi im using a vitus ti 2 desktop with a axiom 25 controller, i connected via midi, and checked the global midi channel on both virus and axiom, but i cant get it working, only in daw cubase or logic i can get sound, and only with VC turned on, any ideas what could be the problem?

    i already set the axiom midi out on, and in global channel 1 same as virus, still no sound