• hi everybody,the virus worked fine(for 1 month)now i get this problem:
    "the audio interfce buffer size is to large.please lower it to 512 samples or less"

    what am i suppose to do to fix it?
    im working on pc,with cubase 5.
    Hope someone knows how to fix this problem.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi mate,

    Go to device management in Cubase and look for VST audio system, If you are using the TI as your soundcard you should see it listed in the drop down box, either Virus TI ASIO or VIRUS TI core audio. Beside that there should be a button saying Control Panel, Click that and select 128 for your buffer size.

    Taken from the Cubase Manual
    You can check the latency for your audio hardware in
    the Device Setup dialog (VST Audio System page).
    The input and output latency values are shown below the ASIO Driver
    pop-up menu. For live VST Instrument playing, these values should ideally
    be a few milliseconds (although the limit for “comfortable” live playing
    is a matter of personal taste).
    Cubase 5 Manual

  • thank you so much :)
    jsut wondering,oncei changed from 256 to128 in the control panel,whate xactly will it effect? the entire tracks or just the virus?
    thanks again for the help