My Virus is NOT in time wIth my DAW, emergency pls help

  • Im staring at the BPMS light and its out of sync. Delay is out of sync so is arp!

    I am pluged in VIA USB and audio.. I am not using VC, I am using an external Sound card. How do I get my VIRUS to sync ith daw? thnx!

  • No, you don't need VC to sync it to your DAW.
    Only ensure that your DAW is sending MIDI clock messages, and that your Virus it configured to sync to them (MIDI 2/3, "MIDI Clock" -> "Sync to External").

  • Thnx guys! i will try it now. Hey Ryan, thanks man. I am on both! as stated above, the problem was with Logic

  • Ace my virus is synced to External. The problem is I GUESS Logic isn't sending the message? how do I achieve this. OR how do I set Logics master clock!

  • Dear Kenna,
    If you're not syncing Logic to an external timecode (MTC or so), then Logic is always the "master" and the tempo is set by Logics tempo track. If you want to use the TI without the Virus TI plugin and you want its timing-related features (LFOs, etc.) to sync with Logic, then you need to send Midi Clock from Logic to the TI.
    This is achieved by going to the menu entry in Logic:

    -> FILE
    -> click on the MIDI tab
    -> activate the MIDI CLOCK for the Midi port the TI is connected to

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

  • Thnx J! can this be achieved by USB port, and Not actual midi port... I am using the Virus with USB chord for midi cuz its less wires :) with your isntruction do I have to go back to using the actual midi port? thanks