Сrackles and digital distortion! Output usb in Virus control.

  • Hello! (sorry for my english)

    Problem with Virus Ti2 desktop. When I turn on Virus Control in Cubase and make outputs from usb, the sound goes with crackles and digital distortion. When I make output from analog everything is fine. OS

    I decided to make OS 4.5.3. and it become WORSE then it was. From analog outputs it sounds good but Virus always stops and behaves as it wants...... I dont, understand the logic of this problem.
    Please, advise what to do whit this problem!

    (Windows 7 using an i5 PC with 16gb ram, sound card RME fireface 400)

  • I never did this myself but many users have reported the following to help: Go to your DAW's audio configuration window, note the buffer size of your soundcard down somewhere. On that same window, select the Virus as your soundcard, change its buffer size to the number you have noted and confirm. Enter that window again and revert back to your soundcard (If any of the users who went through this find something wrong in this description, please correct it!).