Recording Microphone into DAW using the Virus TI

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if it was possible to simply record my mic into Cubase. I have the mic connected to the Left Output 1 of the Virus.

    Yesterday i figured out how to use the Vocoder, but i didn't figure out how to simply record with the Mic into cubase without any effects or anything.


  • I explained there that you can connect Virus to Motif XF by MIDI instead of using USB between Virus and the computer...

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  • It is not essential that you use the Virus as a sound card, you can create a part that uses the input module (in the FX1 page of VC) instead of the oscillators, and doesn't use any of the effects. Do remember that the Virus doesn't have a mic preamp, so you'll have to adjust the gain and sensitivity (config menu on the unit itself), and that would also result in added background digital noise.