VCC for Reason 7?

  • Looks like Reason 7 will have support for MIDI Out (at long last). Would this make it possible for Access to create a Rack Extension version of VCC? Would be great to be able to use the Virus Ti fully integrated into Reason.

  • To be honest, I would be very surprised if Access did create a rack extension. But at the very least I can use my Snow as a monotimbral unit via MIDI and the analogue output for my favourite Virus sounds now. :)

  • I would love to see this happen however it probably wont. I know the SDK is free and available if they wanted to because I have signed up as a DEV with propellerheads. Another thought in the back of my mind is how many Reason Users besides a sparse few actually own a Virus TI . It's a $2K synth after all.. I could be wrong about this though.

  • I use Reason almost exclusively now for all my productions. And I have a TI2. Haha. I've asked about this before, and I got an answer: the Rack Extension plugin format doesn't support external devices (well, at least it didn't in version 6.5 when I last checked into this). It's too bad because I'd like to use my UAD plugins too on my Apollo.

    In any case I bet Access are gonna try to finish an AAX version of VCC first before anything else...or else the Virus won't work in Pro Tools 11 (they're abandoning RTAS).