How to destabilize the arp!

  • I'm clearly going over the deep end working on some patches trying all the tricks in the book to make them sound more crufty and analog!

    The latest thing I want to try is to have the arp not keep perfect time. Is there anything I can do in the mod matrix to make the arp's time-keeping wobble, a little bit?

    I know it's a long shot but I figured I'd ask here, people here really know their ish.


  • Just connect the Virus with USB to your computer :D:wacko:

    On a serious note... The only place where you can build arpeggios is the VC and I don't recall modulation for that...

    Access Virus TI2 Polar Darkstar, Korg Kronos 88, Roland MB-8800 :thumbup:

  • You can modulate arp swing which can delay every other note (i.e. will have no effect if you have all even notes muted in your pattern), and note length. Another trick is available from your DAW: The Virus arp syncs to note start and uses the MIDI clock for its BPM value only. What you can do is in the track for the arp part draw notes which are the same length of the pattern (so that it is not re-triggered half way through), then nudge them randomly a tiny bit before or after the bar/beat marker. Make sure that none of the notes overlap (at least not at the point of pattern end) or the pattern will not re-trigger with the new (off-)timing sync.
    Good luck!