Mavericks Users?

  • Has this worked for anyone else? I'm still a little hesitant to upgrade again trusting this fix after having to downgrade back to Mountain Lion.

    Would appreciate some feedback thanks ^^

    Couldn't wait (what got me into this position in the first place) and did the upgrade to 10.9 anyway, installed the Virus beta with no problem and am using my Virus with LPX.

    Despite the long wait, thank you Access for the fix.

  • Upgraded, seems to work fine.

    Did have an anxious half hour though, when the firmware upload stalled twice!
    It seems to have also fixed the USB 3.0 issue with selecting 48khz.

    Marc what is the difference between the two audio options
    ( normal vs bit accurate?)

    Need to do some more testing with USB midi but looks good.
    (Though I don't really use USB with the virus much, as have midi cables and use analogue outs)

    EDIT: ok, tested it ... OS 10.9.1/Ableton 9.1/OS 5.0.7
    seems a disaster to me, if I use either of the audio interface modes, I start getting lots of issues with notes hanging and audio sticking on... I even started to get issues with the Virus Control, getting the midi input in form Virus Synth, and then not outputting sound.
    ... Id hazard a guess and say its the USB midi that is a problem (as I did rescan midi in audio midi setup, and that cleared the issue for a bit).

    It may be because I was switching things around a bit, but I really do hope the USB midi stuff is more reliable that it appears, as you are forced to use this if you use Virus Control (as physical midi ports are disabled)

    anyway, fortunately, I can just unplug the USB, and I'm back safely to analog outs and midi cables, which all appear ok still.

  • hello thetechnobear after using itunes and especially safari for os x 10.1.x
    (not beta) on live 9.1.1 (not beta) is launching there serious problem especially virus detection latency to make it work force disconnect lime virus
    adjustable in 48 mhz and hight def a must for sampling adjustment 32 64 128 or 256 512 max view is never the same values and sampl surtou alot trops disconnection lime
    to have a good latency value
    thank you to you

  • I don't use the soundcard feature of the TI, I always use the analogue and spdif outputs.

    Im finding 5.0.7 much less stable than 5.0.3, so I'm considering downgrading back to 5.0.3.

    except for the sound card issues, are there any known issues with 5.0.3 on 10.9.1?
    (is VC, USB midi all ok?)

    whats the recommended path to downgrading, just run the 5.0.3 installer?
    (is there a way to uninstall 5.0.7)

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi,

    I have just upgraded from 5.03 to 5.07 and I am now unable to use Virus Control. If I use any other soundcard apart from the Virus itself I get "a sync error occured.Press stop and play to clear" - I have tried this both with my Apogee Duet and by unplugging every other USB connection and using the internal sound. Is there any way to downgrade? I have tried to run the 5.03 installer and it tells me it has completed successfully but when I try to launch VC I get a compatibility error. My setup is:

    Access Virus TI 1
    2013 Macbook Pro
    Logic Pro X


  • Quote

    in which regard? we have one thing we need to work (keyboard stops sending midi events under certain circumstances). other than that, things seem smooth?


    usb midi input just stops working after a minute or so... (using Virus TI Synth) .. again, i wouldn't mind, but plugging in the USB stops the physical midi ports working - arghh!!!
    what I find, is that usually i just start getting hung notes,

    it appears that likes its loosing messages.... as some times when I use the keyboard i get a note, sometimes i don't , some times it hands a note (missing note off ?)
    also CC messages are the same, as if I move the mod wheel i can see I'm only gettings some values. say from full 0 to 127 movement , I might only get 4 values.
    and they are very jittery (again, indicating lost values) ... the same appears to be true of other CCs
    (ve monitor these thru Max, as well as my DAW)

    I would say, to me, it seems these problem seem to start, as soon as I start VC, but given this is the only reason I plug in the USB cable - this is little consolation to me :)
    (I'm using Live 9.1)
    I cannot say 100% that the problems occur prior to starting VC, but I can say even if you close down VC (& Live) , the USB midi continues to be faulty
    (both notes and CC)

    I don't know why, but it would appear VC is breaking the USB midi (Virus TI synth), not only for note on/off but all CC's

    I know its not my hardware, virus is fine with midi over physical ports, and the same Mac/usb hardware worked fine on 10.8/5.0.3

    I don't use the it as soundcard, but this appeared to have a few issues when i tried, but I've not looked any further.

    EDIT: more testing, its definitely caused by Virus Control corrupting the USB Midi from the TI
    note: ive not tested sending midi notes to the TI, i would not be surprised if the corruption is bidirectional

    Im in the process of uploading a video to you tube showing the issue.

  • ok, video uploaded :
    (please note, youtube sometimes takes a while to distribute to other regions, so if its not available wait 10 minutes and try again)

    it clearly shows that Virus Control is corrupting the usb midi channel. I demonstrate note on missing midi notes on/off but also that CCs (my example mod wheel CC/1) also suffer the same issue.
    I also show that reloading the driver once virus control is unloaded also clears the problem.

    as i said, it was fine in 5.0.3/os 10.8, and is fine using hardware midi ports
    Also the USB midi seems fine, until I start virus control ... only caveat, is i never use it for long like this, as I only plug in USB to use virus control.

    Marc, I hope the above shows you what you need, let me know if you need any more info , or I can test anything else for you.


    EDIT: uploaded a new 720p version, so the screen is ( slighty :( )more readable.

  • ok, tried reinstalling to 5.0.3…. what a nightmare this is!

    so, I uninstalled 5.0.7, reinstalled 5.0.3
    usb midi ok and audio seemed fine.

    then tried to launch VC, nope - couldn't find Virus TI… tried every combination of USB & USB Hub - nothing, would not connect
    (remember, I had this working on this computer before)
    So decided to try Virus Control Centre (VCC), nope couldn't find TI, not even in USB update mode.

    At this point, I got panicky, thinking how am i going to upgrade it again (or not)

    Then I grabbed my laptop, which the software was still on 10.8, and 5.0.3
    that immediately connect to the TI!

    hmm, not much good as I want to use on my desktop Mac not my laptop.

    so back to my desktop, uninstall 5.0.3, and reinstall 5.0.7
    Interestingly, the installer (5.0.7) recognized the TI (remember VCC hadn't!) and proceed to install.
    and just like the first time i installed 5.0.7, the firmware update failed…
    (again heart stopping panic)
    and again, I reboot the mac, relaunched the 5.0.7 (after resetting virus and putting in usb update mode), and this time it updates the firmware

    so here i am , back to 5.0.7
    tested VC again, and still the same usb midi issue (despite reinstalled 5.0.7)
    now i know I cannot go back to 5.0.3… either because it doesn't work with 10.9, or the 5.0.7 is not uninstalling properly.

    so over to Access, I've now spent about 2 messing about, trying to help give you guys more info to go on,
    … I think its your turn to do some testing now.

    If we can't have a quick fix for 5.0.7, could you please work out why we cannot downgrade to 5.0.3

    as it is, Im now without VC or the TI in Virus TI.

    also PLEASE can you ask your developers to make it so the TI does NOT disable the physical midi ports when the USB is active,
    Id be fine not using USB midi (prefer it) and still using virus control for sound design.

    Thanks, and I hope my above (harrowing) experience helps you move forward


    In the past Ive had many problems with the TI and sample rates... in particular with 5.0.3 getting it to accept 48khz

    So, just as a completely random ideas, I thought Id switch my audio interface to use 44.1 kHz,
    Guess what, now Virus Control now works, and doesn't destroy the USB midi connection!

    It appears that the 48khz sample rate is now broken over USB if you use Virus Control.

    so I think it should be pretty easy to reproduce, set an audio interface to 48khz, launch your DAW (make sure its also at 48khz) then start virus control.

    I don't know why its related. but it appears to be.