How often do u shut down/turn off your virus TI?

  • Hey,

    I'm just wondering how often u turn off your virus TI and how often you SHOULD turn it off? is it on even on the nights or do you simply turn it on when u want to use it and turn it off when u dont use it?

    I'm thinking about keeping it on all the time - will it affect the virus itself?I'm thinking about the LED lamps and the circuits inside of the virus itself etc.

    Answers are really appreciated! thanks.

  • as above. good solid hardware is often on all day long in our studios. i have had synths and outboard on for 1000's of hours and they still fine. you always have that option of powering down by unplugging, but i honestly think the soft power down is perfectly fine.

  • I'm actually referring to the shut down not by unplugging it, but by holding the transpose buttons down (Soft shutdown) (on/off). What is recommended? could I have it on without shutting it down each time using the transpose buttons?

  • i wouldnt personally leave any hardware on permanently if that is what you mean? never have done and have owned a lot of analog and digital synths over a 25 years. a long session is one thing, but on ALL the time is another. why would you even want the option to do that?? i mean its wasteful of power and doesont follow any logic aside from being too lazy to turn it on and off again lol

  • I always power off everything in my studio when I am done. I have a single switch that powers it on or off. I leave it on for hours at a time, but never leave it running all night. This is essentially the same as pulling the power cord to my Ti2 Polar.


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