Connecting mpk mini to the virus

  • Hi
    I have a akai mpk mini as a second "on the go" keyboard I and it has only a mini ubs out.
    Now I ask myself if there is a way to connect it directly to the virus ti2 for example with a female-female usb adapter.
    Anyone got any experience with this?

  • I might be wrong, but the usb to midi connection on both the virus and the mpk need drivers to change the usb data into midi data (a very simplified way of putting it, the driver creates virtual midi devices that osx and windows can see)

    as neither device have the ability to run drivers from the other, I don't think it will work.. but someone from access might know something I don't

    - if your MPK had midi din connectors then it would be no problem, or you could go from mpk --> computer ---> virus