Giving character to high pass or bp pass filter

  • Hey guys i just tweaked some really nice chords and i was wondering how to make them sound like in this track :

    i mean when high pass or bp pass filter is going up (cutoff to right) it sounds more special than just normal fitlering :)
    here it my tryout

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  • You can audibly hear two filters there, not just one, with one filter completing its 'sweep' before the other, meaning they both have different (staggered) cutoff frequencies, with resonance on both amplifying this effect.

    The Virus is great for this, you have two filters and loads of different types and routing options (Serial1/2, Split, Parallel), and furthermore you have a CutoffLink option for Filter 2, where you can stagger the cutoff frequencies and use Filter 1 as the master 'cutoff controller' in effect. Try enabling CutoffLink, and then select Filter2 Cutoff to be something like -30. This means Cutoff2 is always offset -30 whatever value Cutoff1 is. However CutoffLink only tends to apply to the Cutoff1 knob, so if you use an LFO to sweep the cutoff you would need to make sure it modulates Cutoff1 and 2 simultaneously, rather than relying on the CutoffLink.

    So experiment. Sounds like filter 1 could be a low-pass, and filter 2 could be a high-pass, mixed in series, which creates the band-pass effect but with a larger 'bandwidth' due to the staggered frequencies. Both have resonance applied to them.

    Alternatively the new X-Fade filters that were released with the last TI OS might also be jolly useful in creating the Low>BP>Hi pass mix effect.

    #Oops, I was commenting on the soundcloud audio, not the youtube vid.

    For the youtube demo, try Hi-Pass as Filter 1, Band-Reject as Filter 2, CutoffLink Enabled, -20 for Cutoff2 Offset (creates a phased effect when slaved to Cutoff1 knob), and then sweep Cutoff1 downwards (with resonance) while arpeggiating the chord.