Help please - Keyboard only able to play Part 1 in Virus Control mode?

  • Hi there,

    I'm running a Virus Ti Polar through Ableton, and run into a problem with its keyboard and loading multiple parts.

    - Go into Ableton and load Virus Control. (I'm running if that helps, and Ableton 9.)
    - I load 3 patches into Virus Control on the first 3 parts, not a problem.
    - Click each part (or part buttons on the Virus) and see the Virus screen update with the appropriate patch name.
    - I can play each part by sending midi to the appropriate channel on Virus Control in Ableton, that's fine also.
    - However, whenever I play the keyboard on the Virus itself, it always sends the trigger to Part 1 only, no matter which part I have selected on the Virus, or indeed what channel I have activated on Ableton..

    I'm not trying to do something complicated like a split keyboard (most of the solutions I've googled are around this), I would like to be able to control the currently selected Part with the Virus keyboard.

    Now, I have managed to get this working by changing the Arm Arrangement to a midi channel pointing at the respective virus control channel, that works ok, but seems to be a work-around. Am I missing something to get this to work in a proper multi-part way?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: I realised there's a dedicated TI section in this forum, if a kind mod could move it there I'd much much obliged.

  • It's ableton. ( it basically merges midi channels)
    You need to ensure the track is pointing to the correct vst input,
    download the sample live project and it will show you how you need to set things up.
    ( essentially track per part and another to contain VC)

  • classically, you use the DAW for midi routing.. and enable /disable sound of track #1/2/3 in your DAW... this is where Technobear is going above :)

    the other way, which in no way gets you to learn the daw better :), is simply to change the keyboard channel in the virus conf. So if track #1 is midi ch #1, 2=2 etc.. then change the keyboard ch from 1, 2 3 as needed... Regardless though, you do need to learn how to execute midi routing in your daw of choice.

  • Thanks for the replies, guys. I think I am doing midi routing correctly, as I explained above, I can control individual parts by arming channels that point directly to the midi channels on the Ti VST, I was just expecting that when dealing with the VST directly that I would be able to control which part I was playing and manipulating.

    I'll just keep it with channel 1 empty and use that as a scratchpad, then move instruments onto other channels when I am done with them, and play/control them through the midi channels in Ableton.

    I'll look for the sample Ableton project and have a look at that. Cheers!