Is my Filter Envelope broken?

  • Trying to understand how the filter & envelope works on the TI, I'll turn the Env amount all the way up, then play with the envelope attack, decay, sustain, release controls, then hit a key & I hear absolutely no change in the sound at all.

    This is starting with patch A-127 INIT.

    Sometimes when I turn the filter balance knob all the way to filter 1 it will start to respond the way I expect it to. Sometimes it don't. Sometimes when I turn the Env amount down, then back up, it'll start to work the way I expect it to. But it's never consistent. If it were, I would think it was because of the type/structure of the filter or something, which I did check & this patch starts with the filters in serial 4.

    Am I doing something wrong, or should I expect to hear the effect of the envelope regardless of the filter configuration if I have the env amount turned all the way up?

  • Yes. I can hear the effect of turning the cutoff frequency down....

    I guess that you're all saying when the env amt knob is turned up, I should be hearing the effect of the envelope... meaning something is wrong with mine.

  • Ok, looks like I've got to have the filter balanced towards filter 1 to get the envelope to take effect.

    I wouldn't think this is necessary with the filter cutoff link on. Shouldn't the cutoff of filter 2 close if the link is on, offset of 0?? That doesn't appear to be happening.