Is there anyway to have audio output through the audio outputs whilst using virus in USB Mode?

  • Awesome Thanks Marc! Is there anyway i can output from the virus control centre, to my audio outputs then record in from these audio outputs into my DAW (Logic X), so in essence i use the virus from virus control, but record in real time the audio the virus is playing? Sorry about the newb question

  • Yes, get a soundcard with at least 6 analog inputs, to connect the 6 Virus analog outs. Than create & activate the corresponding audio tracks in your sequencer :)
    I'm using right now the 3 usbs as stereo and analog 1 also as stereo pair.
    Than outs 3-4-5-6 as mono. In total 4 stereo and 4 mono tracks.
    While I'm here, Marc, a question about nearly the same subject: digital in & outs can't be used while using VC, right? 'Cause they aren't listed as an option, for me :(

    -Windows 10 Pro 64bit DAW (Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero + i9-9900)

    -Steinberg Cubase 10 + Steinberg CC121 Controller
    -Steinberg MR816 CSX + Behringer ADA8200
    -iConnectivity MIO10
    -Virus TI2 P0lar
    -Waldorf Pulse (1)
    -Waldorf Blofeld

    -Yamaha AN1x
    -Yamaha Reface DX
    -Clavia Nord Modular G1 Expanded

    -Moog Minitaur
    -Maschine MK3

    -Elektron Octatrack MKII

    -Adam A7X

  • Its either audio or usb for me...

    both work perfectly when either is hooked up, but not both at the same time...

    In VC main output is USB L+R
    1/4 cords hooked up to output 1 to audio interface (m-audio)
    Sequencer (Live) has external audio track enabled...
    Nothing shows up in audio track with UBB hooked up?

    When I unhook USB audio track works...

    Please help

  • Thanks...that works...but I then I have to individually set the output for each track separately...

    I'd like it so that every midi track being played through VC would play through audio.