Virus TI snow and tempo changes

  • Hello,

    I wanted to create some arps in virus (snow) but it's in a song that use tempo changes. I turned midi sync on for the usb midi outs but that didn't seem to help.

    It's always perfectly in sync when I play the arp within locators that have no tempo change. However when I start from the beginning of the song and the tempos change, it will never be in sync.

    is that a known issue with the vsti or am I missing something ?

  • Is it a time signature change or a BPM change? If it is the latter is it sudden or gradual (some DAWs have settings for making sudden changes sound more human)? And finally, is the change snapped to a bar or somewhere in between the grid lines?

    The Virus handles well timed events better. When things get random it finds it hard to catch up. It will help to snap your changes to the start of the bar and split any long arp triggering notes so that the original note ends and continues as a new note exactly where the tempo change and bar markers are.

    Hope this helps.

  • The thing is, that I only start playing the arp in the chorus section of the song where there's no tempo changes. The tempo changes are in the beginning of the song. I guess I'll try to reduce it, because I had tried to do some humanizing of that part where the piano part plays. It's maybe better to freeze that part and then attack the song structure to it in mastering.