Virus TI2 crashing Cubase 8.05

  • All,

    I upgraded to Cubase 8.0.30 (Windows 7 Pro / x64 / i7 / 64GB RAM) with the hope that life might be better but that has not helped the situation. I continue to encounter issues with my TI2 Polar.

    I thought I was on to something recently when I decided to check for updates for the TI2 Audio & USB drivers and there WERE actual updates. Prior to the updated drivers, my TI2 Polar was at least being RECOGNIZED, now that I have updated the drivers my computer and the Virus Control Center are not even recognizing the TI2. I even attempted the re-boot process several times per protocol / forum info. I also submitted a support request via email to Access Music but have yet to hear back.

    I also believe that depending upon where you install the TI2 software you may perhaps run into issues... for example, some Windows "Folders" are "Write-Protected" and I think that this is DEFINTELY causing issues but I do not yet know how to get past the User Access Control (UAC) settings.

    Furthermore, there is apparently an Virusx64_Updater.dll File that I was sent to copy/paste into my Windows/Sys32 folder and I am not sure if this is helping or hindering now.

    I wish that Access Music would provide some programming patches for the lot of us, but I also understand that there are SO MANY variables and SO MANY different Operating Systems to attend to and whatnot. It is a shame. Just wish we could all get this beautiful piece of musical art working seamlessly. I will remain optimistic.

    If anyone has any input to assist, I would appreciate it.

    Best Regards,


  • Not sure if you've tried this already, but I recently had to reinstall (using the Repair option) the 5.1.1 TI update to make it recognise my TI again. I did all the reboot/reset options and all the right files were in the right place, but neither VCC or Ableton could find the TI until I reinstalled again.