problem with virus ti in seq mode without plugin

  • hi, i work with virus ti2 desktop sequenced by an elektron monomachine,
    the ti is in seq mode, i routed each part on separate output, but each time i start my virus, all the part are rerouted to out 1 and 2
    i have to come back to single mode then come again in seq mode to have all my part routed as i want, is there a way to save properly the routing in seq mode?

  • it works fine for me, TI (keyboard 5.1.0), if i turn off or put in standby, when I come back it appears to still be set to the correct outputs.

    I don't think you will be able to 'save it' as it just the state of the seq buffer, rather than the individual preset....

    I've always assumed seq mode is basically single mode, and the 'sequencer' would be responsible for saving any non-patch specific state, fine when used as a VST,
    but not much use if your not, hence I use multi mode.

    if you want to save it, then you can use multi-mode, which Im kind of surprised you aren't anyway... is there a reason for you using seq-mode rather than multi-mode?

  • thanks for the interest on my problem, i prefere the seq mode because i need to be able to change patch through the different channel individually, in multimode if i change a patch via program change every channels are changing. it s strange this story that happend to me, every time i start my virus each tracks are rerouted to output l and r!

  • This bug bit me today, so I'd just like to leave this here and make people aware that it's still an issue with 5.1.7.

    Symptom: Using sequencer mode, assigning a part to one of the analog outputs 1 to 3 has no effect and the part is still sounding on output 1.

    Workaround: Switch to single mode and back to sequencer mode. The analog output assignment is now in effect.

    This is especially annoying when the Virus starts up in sequencer mode since it means you'll have to apply the workaround every time you turn it on.