No Virus Ti Snow Connected

  • Previous days i worked with virus and it worked alright, i did not changed anything in my system. Yesterday i turned on Virus TI and a message apeared "No virus ti connected".

    I did various thing to make it work, changed USB cables, switched USB ports, disconnected all other usb devices. It was always showing that USB connection is established, i was able to send MIDI data via USB and send audio via analog cables, but there still was no connection with Virus Control. Then for some odd unexplainable reason it started to connect to Virus Control.

    Ok, so i turned virus today, and the same message apeared, i did tried all the things yesterday i did, aswel i tried taking out power cabel and turn it on while holding tap tempo. It just doesnt connect to virus control. I did try to reinstall the latest software aswel. Im using Windows 7 64bit.

    I dont know what else to do anymore.

    Futhermore, i have a Macbook air and Virus Ti Seem to connect there with Virus Control

    [Blocked Image:]

  • hey,
    i"ve had a similar problem:

    on laptop everything worked cool, but on PC no connection.

    i"ve solved that by installing an additional USB-Bracket on the pc-motherboard.
    ---> then everthing worked fine.