ARP Omni-2 soundset for Acess Virus

  • Some companies made Acess Virus Soundset ultimate y sounds, Trance and other Names
    But they Forget, people Search Keyboards !!! and they Search some sounds

    were it is ? Only !!

    Júpiter 8 Sounset for Acess Virus ?

    Elka Synthex soundset for Acess Virus ?

    ARP Omni-2 soundset for Acess Virus ?


    70´s Vintage Strings for Acess Virus

    Roland RS-505 Paraphonic soundset for Acess Virus TI ?


    ARP Omni
    ARP Quartet
    Crumar Multiman
    Elka Rhapsody
    Eminent 310
    Freeman String Symphonizer
    Junost 21
    Korg PE-2000
    Logan String Melody
    Oberheim OB-8
    Oberheim Xpander
    Moog Opus 3
    Roland RS202

  • I'm going to state a couple of mostly obvious facts and reasons, why you probably won't find the requested sound sets:

    • Brand and model names are generally protected and registered trademarks of their respective holders (ARP, Elka, Korg, Moog, Roland etc.). You may not use these names to sell your own products. If you want to use these names you must obtain license for this use, which may be costly or not granted at all.
    • The Virus is a synth, not a sampler. Although it is a great sounding and rather flexible hardware synth, the Virus has a predefined set of waveforms, a limited set of oscialltors and filters, and the signal path of its synth engine can not be re-arranged or changed in any way. Thus, its capabilities of exactly replicating the trademark sounds of other synths is limited.
    • As a sound set customer, I would expect a sound set that is named after an existing hardware synth model to be a faithful recreation of the original sound banks, and some well known sounds of that synth. And I'd be very disappointed if it's not. The type of discussion and feedback this yields can be seen in the comment sections for reviews of VSTs that claim to offer exact replications of famous vintage sounds. As a sound designer, you don't want to go there; It's an exhausting uphill battle you can never win.

    My personal opinion on this subject: Why would you want your Virus to exactly sound like a set of old hardware, which is only known because some world famous artists used one sound on a recording? The only thing you can do with such a trademark sound is play that famous tune. Because if you're not going to play that tune, it either doesn't matter what sound you use or it even has a negative impact because of audience expectations when hearing that trademark sound. (Hint: Try to play anything else with the D-50's "Pizzagogo" sound than Orinoco Flow by Enya). Thus, I only do classic sound re-creations for myself to learn more about how certain sounds can be acheived with the Virus.

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  • I use Solina and Vox Humana sounds on our original tunes. Haven't gotten complaints yet. Only the remarks that they're covers people like but don't recognize :D Which is a complement