Latest MAC OS X version, Virus TI and Cubase Pro 8. VERY IMPORTANT, help!

  • I haven't upgraded my OSX or DAW for quite some time, still using OSX version 10.8.5 and Cubase 7! =O

    Reason for not upgrading is because at the moment everything works as it should. When producing music i use the Virus for everything, so if I get issues with it I am going to get some real problems, pretty much EVERY single music project I have uses the Virus TI. I am afraid and concerned about upgrading since I have read that USB errors, weird noises, not syncing, no sounds, etc can occur, really concerned if any of that would happen.

    Should I take the step and upgrade my OSX to Yosemite (I believe OSX 10.10.4 is the latest version)
    and upgrade my Virus TI to, and does this work with the latest Cubase Pro 8?
    Can anyone please some share some experiences and tryouts?

    Thx for all your replies!


  • Here, I'm still using Mac OS 10.6.8 with Logic 9.1.8 and all work fine with my Virus units and other hardware.

    As developer myself, the main rule is: Does it works? Yes? Then don't touch it.

    So, no need to upgrade unless you're absolutely obliged to.

    Just wait for approval from Access...


  • Good afternoon, if someone could help would be very grateful ..
    Today I installed the latest version you have uploaded to the page Acces specifically the beta and it stuck virus screen without blinking white letters or anything ..
    To some it has been blank screen virus you to do an update? You know if there's any way to restart the Polar model Virus to return to their original settings, because look like the screen does not give me the option to install another version or anything by not recognizing the synth.
    My idea was to upgrade to the latest version to see if they had solved some problems but what I see is a big one I created my ...
    I would be very grateful if someone could help.
    A greeting

  • I upgraded my TI2 61 to and now my C3-G3 keys do not function! Can't down rev the firmware cause I can't find it on the Access site. I'm running Mac OS 10.11.2.

    No Bueno. Emailed support today. Waiting to hear what they have to say. Keyboard has been flawless up to this point.