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    I'm trying to use my Virus TI2 61 VST in Studio One 3. I add an INST track in S1 and add the Virus TI VST2 to the track. Of course the USB cable is connected between the TI2 61 Keyboard and my Mac as well.

    So I load up a patch on CH1 and it plays for a couple notes, then quickly the sounds get gradually quieter and quieter until I cannot hear anything. The activity meter on the track shows input from the keyboard. I get periodic sound from the VST if I keep pressing notes but it's definitely NOT real time. Some notes are quiet, others normal - it's just NOT RIGHT. The performance meter on S1 is not pegging or really even moving so doesn't look like the CPU is being taxed at all. This happens in VST2 and VST3 versions of the TI plugin, as well as multi-timbral or single channel.

    Please help me figure this out. Really sucks that I cannot use my Virus in S1

    I should mention that I'm on Mac OS 10.11.2, and upgraded to Virus OS This didn't happen prior to upgrade.

    Happens with all patches, yes. Does not work in Single, Multi, and Remote modes. I've tried building multi-part patches in Multi on different MIDI channels, tried different key range limits, transposing, controlling other instruments using USB and MIDI DIN Out. Those keys will not respond for anything. I can load up the VST in Studio One and play virtual keyboards and other MIDI controllers with Virus patches and it works fine.

    I emailed support a few hours ago so I suspect I will hear from them in a few days. Meanwhile I've got my other keyboards MIDI controlling my Virus to get work done. Crazy.

    Is there a way to downgrade my firmware to something prior to I can't find anything on the Access site to match my keyboard.

    I have an issue that just cropped up yesterday on my TI2 keyboard. The notes C3, C#3, D3, D#3, E3, F3, F#3, G3 do not work. I get sound from all the others above and below. I have done numerous resets via Hold Edit Arp while unplugging/plugging, but to no avail. I have tried putting the keyboard to sleep and waking up with Transpose buttons. I tried re-flashing firmware to latest but it said I had the latest and would not continue.

    The last thing I was doing before I noticed they weren't working was using it as a MIDI controller to a MOOG Minitaur. Interesting enough, the Minitaur doesn't recognize keys above B2, so I thought that maybe the Moog reprogrammed the keys somehow, which is why I kept trying the factory reset procedure.

    Is there another way to completely reset the keyboard to factory? I've backed it up already. I don't know what else to do. It's only a couple years old with very little hours on it.

    I'm trying to access my Virus TI2 keyboard sounds from Studio One 3. I have a CME XKey 37 that I'm using to play all my sounds in S1, which is hooked up USB. My Virus is connected using USB as well (no MIDI cables). I can create a Virus instrument track, and call up the Virus VST, and access the different MIDI channels with different sounds on each channel as you would expect to do.

    The problem is that over time (a few note presses), the virus' sounds fade. As I press the notes continually, they get quieter and quieter. Thought it was a performance clip in S1 related to a buffer or something but I cannot figure out why this is happening. No other instruments I control in S1 do this.

    Anyone have a clue as to what I should try?


    On the TI fantasy or not comment...

    I agree. I see a LOT of posts regarding the issues with USB (connection is dropped often, notes hanging, locking up, lagging, etc...). I've experienced many of the same issues which is why my Virus TI2 Desktop sits in my rack with a MIDI cable attached to it. I love the feel of the action, so I use it as a MIDI controller ($3K MIDI controller that is) most of the time to control VSTs. Occasionally I'll hook up the USB and fire off some simple, low latency patches from the Virus when I need them, but most of the time it is used as a controller, again for the feel.

    Unless the next OS release fixes the latency issue, I'll probably be unloading it :( I check the website every other month in hopes I'll be surprised with news that 6.0 is out, but nothing. Here's to hoping...

    My goal is to be able to play any MIDI channels from the Virus as a VST
    which currently works, AND be able to assign a specific MIDI channel to
    the DS-330 but still be able to play it from the Virus, essentially
    using the Virus on that particular track as a MIDI controller.

    Mac Pro / Logic Pro X
    Steinberg UR22 audio interface
    Virus TI2 keyboard
    Boss DS-330 synth module

    Current connections (no Boss DS-330)
    Virus USB -> Mac USB
    Virus MIDI OUT -> UR22 MIDI IN
    UR22 OUT 1/2 -> Monitors

    Trying to add Boss DS-330 sound module:
    Virus MIDI THRU -> DS-330 MIDI IN
    DS-330 OUT 1/2 -> UR22 IN 1/2

    Logic Pro X:
    Create Software instrument track
    Choose External Instrument as the instrument on the track
    Arm track by pressing R and it's red
    External Instrument dialog:
    MIDI Destination -> Steinberg UR22 Port 1
    MIDI Channel -> All
    Input -> 1-2
    Input volume -> 0db

    Press keys on Virus and no MIDI activity registers on meters and no sound. Volumes are turned up on the UR22 for both Inputs, DAW, Output, etc.

    Hopefully this is possible and someone can help me please?


    I know someone has already posted this but I couldn't readily find the thread to add my experience. Today I left my TI2 keyboard alone for about an hour, went upstairs and suddenly I could hear my Virus playing a note repeatedly at regular intervals.

    Is this a known bug that is going to be fixed?

    This has probably been brought up, but I'd like to have it where if I turn a Value knob slowly, the data in the display would increase / decrease accordingly, maybe using some exponential algorithm.

    So if you turn the know slow, the data choices only happen about every 1/8th of a turn, but if you turn the knob quickly then it increases to 1:1 or faster.


    I overwrote the default RAMA - 0 patch on my Virus TI2 keyboard and now I'm trying to find it in the ROMS, but can't. Can someone please tell me where that patch is? It's a multi and I believe it starts with an H but can't remember.


    I just bought a TI2 keyboard new last week. Love it, but I'm concerned about there not being a power button on the keyboard. Since having the TI, I've had to reset it numerous times to regain sound bringing it out of sleep mode, etc. I hate unplugging the power cord each time as this cannot be good for either part. How is everyone else doing this? Surge protector, etc?

    This is ridiculous. I can play all day with the TI in Logic, but the moment I leave Logic and try to play through my headphones, the best I can do is get about a second of sound from any of the patches, then silence. I would think that leaving the USB cable in the keyboard when not using USB is OK? What the heck is going on? I have to keep resetting the sounds by putting the unit to sleep, then pressing EDIT next to the ARP button to get any reaction from the keyboard. Is this a known bug in 5.0.3? OMG.

    Just bought a brand new TI keyboard and updated to immediately. Worked great last night, but this morning I plug my headphones in to the TI, and no sound! Volume is up, can't get anything to play. Two different headphones!!!!

    Please help....