Real struggle to achieve the sounds im after

  • I've found NI Massive to be fairly easy for sound design, especially with the advanced LFO programming.

    Just feels like I hit a brick wall when you using the virus.

    Any one got any tips? I make mostly drum and bass so gearing it towards that for synth bass

  • Are you using the standard wave forms ???
    If so check out the wave-table options... using these at a few octaves down along side standard waves forms can give endless interesting results.
    Try using these as control sources for LFO effects or anything you can imagine for that sound that's a little different.

  • I had a somewhat similar issue when I started using Massive, trying to get sounds out of it that are similar to The Virus that is. My tip is to stop trying, they are both fantastic synths but have very different sounds. Massive offers a lot that the Virus doesn't but the Virus also offers a lot that Massive doesn't. Hypersaws, Unison and FM sound better on the Virus I've found.