Possibly the best workaround solution for sync error i have tried yet. VIDEO

  • I just downloaded Image Line's Minihost Modular (its free) and ran it inside ableton live as a vst plugin, inside of minihost I loaded VC and I have never been so free of sync issues ever, I messed around and used all four parts on my snow to create a bit of Depeche mode like instrumental and I didn't get one sync issue besides a moment of playing catch up and making that warbled effect as the delays change their timing. I did have to push the "LIVE" button for it too play in time though but other than its like i finally have a virus ti now. didn't even seem to go out of sync with the arp being used which I have never been able to use before. I did not get ONE red bar at the bottom.

    I am getting some kind of visual runtime error though but im guessing that has to do with the fact that modular minihost is in beta, you can also run it standalone with some MIDI gear and I did this quite successfully too but this is similar to running it one of those other tiny vst hosts where you get other problems like a lack of "song position" info or whatever its called being sent to the synth and it kind of runs on just a free cycle.

    automation seems it will be tricky but more than possible. (where can I get a cc list for the virus ti snow?)

    I hope this helps all of those that were in my position.

  • this synth sounds better than life itself but I have struggled for years with the frustration of issues on multiple systems and it has driven me crazy, this solution does work for me but as I said i get crashes of the plugin with a visual runtime error, which is a problem.

    on the other hand i figured out a way to automate in the DAW without using midi cc so that's pretty cool,

    please, if you try it, let me know if it works for you without any errors.

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    I thought I would create a video, I sorted out out the "visual runtime error" by updating some windows stuff and now its solid. this is how VC should behave.

  • Mean while no problem at stand alone.