Latency using TI's External-Audio-In with other MainSoundcard in Ableton

  • Hello

    I'm running out of Audio-Ins on my UAD Apollo (plus 8 adat, hehe) so the additional Stereo-In of my Virus TI would be handy.

    Basically I got it working:
    - "3 out, no in" setting
    - input static
    - the signal arrives in Ableton through the TI-Plugin

    but (depending on the "live" button) i get either + or - latency of more or less 30ms compared to the same audio-signal on a Apollo-Channel via Ableton's "External Instrument" Plugin.

    a) is there anything i can do about it - but correcting it manually in ableton?

    b) if not: is there a way to calculate how much correction is needed, to make it accurate?

    thanks guys

  • Hi there,

    my english is not so good, so maybe i read it wrong but....

    are you on windows or mac?

    i am on windows and have to use my soundcard driver instead of asio4all.
    If i use my soundcard drivers i have no latency when i bounce to audio.
    And when i use asio4all i have to change my Driver Error Compensation in Preferences. Only then i set the recorded Virus sound in time with the Metronome of ableton
    I also have to put the Live button on the virus ON when i want to play midi keyboard and don't feel latency on All instruments in ableton.

  • i hope you mean this :)

    i made a video for you.

    How i bounce to audio with no latency in ableton.
    I have used other hardware for the drums.
    you only have latency if you put audio through the virus and then you have to adjust the track delay of the usb track.
    I put in this video the bounced audio through the virus, but is also possible to put the realtime audio through the virus.
    I think that "play live" through the Virus input is not that good but it works.

    sorry i don't talk to a mic, But you will see it ;)

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