Tune the Virus TI to A4 = 432 hz

  • We had a thread about this a while ago, can't seem to find it.
    Anyhow, in the Config menu, global tuning page, master tuning parameter.
    Since the value -64 gives -50 semitones, each step is about 0.78 semitones.
    Selecting -41 should give you about -32.03 semitones which will reduce A above middle C from 440Hz to 431.93Hz which should be good enough (no acoustic instrument can be set that accurately, or sustain that accuracy for long).
    Hope this helps.

  • Indeed that helps a lot! Very nice. This should do the job! Thank U for that fast delivary! :thumbup:

    But one more question! I use a free VST plug-in called Manalyzer - some kind of a spectrumanalyzer, indicating the accurate frequency of a peak. So I use a one Osc sine wave to analyze. With any other Vst-Instrument like Serum or whatever, it shows a constant peakfrequency each time I trigger the corresponding note. But in term of the Virus the frequency vary +/-1hz !?? Any declaration on this? ?(

  • Manalyzer is not 100% accurate. Best bet is to use an accurate chromatic tuner which allows setting the reference pitch. Then plug your synth into that while tweeking the detuning. Remember to turn off all effects.