Layer sounds in Multi Mode

  • Hi all,

    I have read that Virus has also the function to layer several sounds (e.g. RAM 01 and RAM 02 together).

    How can I do this step by step (for idiots ;) in Multi Mode - I have no idea how to do this even by using the manuals

    Thank you.

  • Multi mode lets you set up to sixteen parts that respond to a particular midi channel. To play multiple sounds at the same time, aka layering patches, you simply assign each part in the multi and make sure each part is on the same midi channel (Most likely midi channel 1). Then whatever the TI recieves on that channel will play along with all your multi mode parts.

    Step 1) Go into Multi mode by pressing Multi
    Step 2) Press Shift and the Edit button to edit the multi
    Step 3) Use the Parameters buttons to change editing pages and softknobs to change settings
    step 4) Use the Part buttons to address each of the 16 parts.

    The multi edit lets you set the sound, the volume, pan, midi channel, outputs, transposition, detune, master clock for that part, initial volume, and key range. That way you could have three variations of a sound mapped to different key ranges and add variety to your performance, or put drones or loops on a keyrange and let you play a melody on the other keys.

    Or as you want, you can simply have the sounds play at the same time for extra layering.

  • Thank you, I will have a try.

    Very happy that from today on I am able to record with Cubase 5.1 - a big milestone for me

    Maybe I can use Omnispere 2 or Native Instruments Komplete one day a thousand years

  • Thank you MrMowgli. :) I was wondering about this too as I am also a newbie, so your concise answer is much appreciated. Sometimes I am just not in the mood to pull out the manual and go searching unless I have an entire free evening to kill!
    So, after you've set up a multi, can you save it on the synth somewhere? If you don't want to save it does it auto-delete when you power off?

  • Thank you very much MrMowgli as well
    Oh dear - that is really great, my god this Virus machine is really really awesome.
    By far the best synth I ever had!!!

    Btw interesting with transpose function so that you don't have to play with two fingers

  • @GESchwalm - It's actually pretty simple. The multi's are stored with the 'store' button just like the patches are. There are 127 Multi's available.

    I believe that there are a fixed number of multi's (#20 and lower?) that actually contain an edited version of the patch. In other words those Multi's don't change if you happen to overwrite or edit the individual patches later on.