• As a new owner of a second hand TI2 - the sounds are awesome but I have to rant that there are some things that just make learning that much more damn difficult ! And have wasted a lot of my time.

    Access Music referring to the TI2 as just TI

    Naming the plug in "Virus Control" and the software program "Virus Control Center"

    Not having a dedicated instruction manual for the TI2, but rather using the old TI instruction manual, which does not have any mention about the extra ROM banks

    And the worst - using Virus Control Center to try to restore the Access VIrus TI2 to its original factory banks / programs - only to find that after the restore the actual synth has been backed up with TI1 banks / programs instead - AND the VCC and VC both incorrectly show TI2 banks / programs as being installed when they are not, as opposed to the TI1 banks / programs the actual synth is showing !

    What a shite introduction on the software / library / instructional side of things. Fortunately I am not interested in the total integration side of things - I will only be recording audio.

    Rant over. I feel better now.

  • You do realise there is no difference between the TI1 and the TI2 except 25% more power!

    (except for different housings, and a different set of factory presets)

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