Never had this much trouble with anything in my life...

  • This is extremely dissappointing not to mention google is plagued with people complaining about virus control, I'm yet to understand why it was even released with so many people experiencing issues. Seems like nothing short of false advertising to me.

    Before I divulge too much bitterness let me explain my predicament.

    6 years I have been waiting to get a Virus and finally I pick up the snow to use with FL Studio 8.
    I LOVE the way it sounds, literally breathtaking, but the frustration trying to get it to work right has entirely ruined this experience for me and turned it into a nightmare. Not to mention I've asked the distributor for a refund twice (nova musik) and have yet to get any sort of reply which is adding to my anger.

    I am stuck with a $1000 piece of equipment that is usless.
    After I installed and updated the operating system (3.1) I ran it in FL to find these problems over the last 3 weeks.

    1. Any sound that uses a delay or reverb colors the preset with a pitchbend sort of effect. And it triggers sporadically (randomly fast and slow) completely ruining any sound that has delay or reverb. (it goes away when delay/reverb is off)

    2. Sync problem. No sounds synced for longer then 2-3 seconds properly before going completely out of control. EVERY SINGLE PATCH did this horribly. And arps and pads were the worst. When I switched to ASIO drivers the problem simply got delayed with patches going out of sync around a half a bar after play back.
    The only thing that has fixed the syncing is using the Virus USB Drivers instead and routing the sound out of the Virus to my speakers.

    3. Now I'm forced to use the Virus USB Drivers which prevents me from hearing any other sounds on my computer, except what is playing on FL Studio. (media player and anything outside of Fl Studio has no sound now naturally). Thats NOT a big deal, what pissed me off is the latency has easy tripled using the Virus USB Drivers. The latency is so bad it is IMPOSSIBLE to play a melody when I'm looping a beat on FL Studio, even with using PDC. (delay compensation).

    4. >>> LAST ISSUE<<<
    And the one I only really care about. (please just respond to this problem as the others are fixed now except latency really) Its because of this problem I have no use for the Virus. Even with terrible latency (no matter what the setting), at least I can somewhat work with it still.
    The sync problem has gone away since using the Virus Drivers and so has the weird effect with the delay and reverb.

    But I read other people having this issue (one person who I've known for many years and wound up selling his snow and vowed never to do business with access again) but you CAN NOT record ANYTHING with the snow.

    I wouldn't even go as far as to saying "it adds artifacts, noise, clips and distortion", I'd go farther and say that what it records is a complete jumbled mess of pure sonic chaos. Its impossible to make out even 1 element in the original track after trying to record anything with the virus thats how bad it sounds.

    So at this point the virus is useless to me. I understand computers are tricky things and its hard to get a product working perfect for everyone but comeon access are you serious? What can you possibly tell me? that theres a lot of people its working for? Great, I'll quote pages and pages of people its not working for, and you still released this TI technology so the only thing that makes sense to me is greed.
    I'll stop with the accusations because I did come here for help and to hopefully learn something.
    Yeh I'm mad because when you drop a grand on something like this logic says this junk shouldn't happen, but I'm more mad because the Virus sound is something I've desired for many years, and it really is like my dream was shattered into a million pieces.

    All I care about is to get it recording. Even using ASIO drivers it still records the same mess. I'm considering as a last alternative to entirely wipe out my computer and reformat is because there *may be an issue with my pc I'm aware of. The only reason I ever had to believe this was when FL Studio 8 wouldn't update to 9 (and imagline has said to reformat my computer incase of a virus). But I've seen too many people complaining about the same issue to think its really neccessary at this point.

    I will wind up reformating but is there anything else I can do prior to that? Thanks - Rob

  • I experienced simular problems when I first got my Snow, was a total headache, and took a lot of experimenting and tweeking to get it running smoothly. Since I also use FL Studio, I'll tell you what I did to get it running smoothly, hope it helps. (My Snow is working perfectly in both FL Studio 9 and Ableton Live 8 now)

    1. I updated the operating system to the latest beta (3.3)
    2. Disabled 'power saving' feature of my USB ports on my laptop (not sure if this helped)
    3. Disabled my laptop's inbuilt webcam, (it was pre-allocated USB bandwidth)
    4. Don't raise the audio interface buffer above 512 samples

    These fixes solved all syncing, pitch-glitching, pops and farts etc...

    To fix the latencty issue, I found a very useful post on the infekted forum. Basically it's instructions on how to set up a basic template
    with latency correction:

    -First, rename channel 1 in the fruity mixer to 'Delay Master' - route all non-virus audio tracks to this channel, rather than the master.

    -Put the virus on channel 2, use channel 2 for the virus' USB1 output, and channel 3 for USB2, channel 4 for USB3

    (Don't route these tracks to the channel 1 delay master track!)

    -Select the Master channel in the and set the delay compensation to 85ms. (this number remains constant regardless of the buffer settings on the virus audio interface settings, or whatever audio interface your using)

    & Remember to route any new software synth/samplers etc to the Channel 1 'Delay Master' channel

    I hope this helps. I know how frustrating it was for me. It's a pain in the arse, but very much worth it when it's all working properly!

  • Strongly suggest to refoprmat your comp.................. Also if your doing music production make sure your Computer is not attahced to the internet, if your using your comp to make music make sure its only to make music.
    Ow if you have money to update your Comp then DO SO........

    not every one has money to buy a lapotp but there cheap these days so yeah....

    Please follow the links, these will help you make your Comp perform at its best, ONLY and ONLY have the internt on your Comp to update things like your Virus TI or Update Software things.…ptimizing+windows+XPfalse


  • I don't want to turn this in to a Mac vs PC thread, but I'll share my anecdotal experience. In 2005 when I decided to take the plunge and buy a computer for recording, I checked out the Sound on Sound forums. The Mac forums were full of people talking about making music, and the PC forums were full of people talking about problems with their computers. I ended up getting a Mac based on this alone, and I've never had any trouble with it.

    It pains me to see you having so many technical issues. The main reason I bought the TI was because I hated losing my creativity by having to deal with tech issues, and so far it has not disappointed me.

    The general feeling for XP based on all the research I did is that you should optimize it for music and not install anything you don't need, like the other poster suggested. I have several friends making music on a PC so it certainly be done hassle-free with the right setup.

  • @Maxim: while my MBP is working great, so are my Windows and Hackint0sh installs. I agree that *generally* the Mac takes least tweaking and maintenance for decent DAW performance. But the availability of software for Windows and amount of compatible harwdware configurations is overwhelmingly larger.

    However, with regard to the Virus TI2, I couldn't disagree more. It has never ever worked properly for me on my late 2008 2.4 GHz MBP 5,1, and I have tried every possible setup with every VC/firmware version since, on OS X 10.5.2, 10.5.4, 10.5.6, 10.5.8, the 10.6 dev beta's, 10.6 final, 10.6.1, 10.6.2. In this case, imho a Mac has no advantage whatsoever over a Windows machine (including Macs running Windows on Bootcamp). Maybe to the contrary, even: the drivers aren't available yet in 64 bits format for OS X, while they are for Windows (thus frustrating optimal performance under Snow Leopard). But imho it just doesn't make a difference in the end: the Virus Controller's MIDI and audio are always unreliable on both platforms in my experience. So, indeed, no Mac vs. PC flamewar needed here. ;)

    Also, one major reason for some musicians to use Macs is related to compatible (high end) third party hardware, which does not apply here: while all Macs have FireWire connections that are superior to even USB2.0, the Virus series uses the ancient USB 1.1 and needs a hackish workaround to even work with a USB on a high speed ExpressCard USB connection, it seems.

    ˙ɯǝɥʇ ǝsooɥɔ ǝɯ ʇǝl ʇ,uoʍ ɯnɹoɟ pıdnʇs sıɥʇ ʇnq 'ɹǝɔuǝnbǝs puɐ SO ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp ɐ ǝsn I

  • I have 2 MASTER DEGREES and feel I'm a little bit intelligent I have survived Physics and inorganic chemistry classes and 7 Presidental Elections, but this virus is a total mass of confusion. The manual was written by an idiot,they keep repeating non-essential wording for the various functions without getting to the point. If someone would write an intelligent manual about the keyboard, maybe we would need forums only to exchange creative sound patches. I owned a Nord Lead 3 and survived the Reason software. But I've come to the conclusion, u use this a keyboard just for the sounds and tweak them a little. Things such a controlling the BPM for the Arpegg... and creating Multisound programs and soft button assignments is a joke. I'll keep it for effects, but use my Roland G7 for controllling different ARPs and drum patterns. It.s much easier

    If someone was to write a clear precise tutorial on how to do things, they'd make a fortune. The yahama Motif es had 5 disks of tutorials you could buy and it explained, for example; "now lets change the BPM on the Arps...." or "now lets produce a sound using osc 1 and then osc 2..." SO GOOD LUCK TO ALL VIRUS OWNERS and if I do happen to figure out this crap. look for me on EBAY selling tutorial disks. :thumbup:

  • First of all, I believe there are a bunch of videos on the website - I've never checked them out because I haven't needed them.

    Second of all, firewire is NOT better than USB1/2 - the only piece of hardware I have had more trouble with than the Virus is PowerCore and specifically due to it being firewire. USB may have its limitations but it gains points for not causing epic BSODs as easily as fw.

    Thirdly, SonikkPlauge, It sounds like you've had a terrible time with it. I remember when I first got the virus that VC was not an option (despite being very tempting). Worst case scenario, you can just use it like any other piece of hardware, you have a wonderful dedicated control interface sat right in front of you.

    I know, however, that the benefits of VC are worthwhile and you would like, if possible, to have it running cheerily.

    The fact that FL9 won't install is highly indicative of a messed up system - you dont 'upgrade' FL, you just install it and it unpacks itself... I've never had it fail, even when my system WAS messed up.

    Reformatting your system seems like a good plan and it may improve the situation for you.

    I will point out, however, that my system is experiencing clicking sounds (just the clicking, none of the other problems, apart from the distorted delay time, but thats generally only during transport) on recording (this is why I like to use the analogue outputs). I do believe that I need to reinstall everything on my system, though, so I may also find myself relieved - I'm just putting it off until I get new hardware...

    The important thing to remember is that you will get it working, one of the beauties of PCs is that you get to choose what you want in it and you have a competative market with a wide range of products to choose from - but this means that some people, through no fault of their own, get some pretty funky setups going on.

    Maybe you should tell us what hardware set up you have going - perhaps small improvements can be suggested, including how your ASIO is set up, what ASIO drivers you are using, etc.

  • Atony B, question for u since you owned a Virus C, since the manual is very incomplete, where can I find info on soft knob edit, BPM changes, Multi program procedure and finally changing a mono program to poly. I tried thinking Osc's to change to poly but with no avail. Any suggestions. We are playing alot of Ele Dance and I have found great ARP's but can't control speed. :)

  • ummm, ij, searching the manual for "Tempo" and "mono" returned both things you can't find as their first hit. i'm assuming we're talking snow, but i imagine it's similarly easy for the other models.

    your tone makes it really difficult for me to help you without snarking.

  • Well I fixed my crackling problem! Damn USB selective suspend creeping on again...

    Anyone who didn't already know - that should definitely be disabled (you can find it in advanced power options on PCs), you will find life much easier without it!

  • That's their problem...Terminology it's not clear what a menu consists of. Does it say menu, menu written in the led or on the board when do u know your in a menu...nothing personal, dude, i just hope the access virus corp is listening in..of course theyre laughing at us.

  • omg, if you enter a forum like that you are rediculously stupid.

    this product from access is one of the best supported products with best service no doubt. Because you can't even handle something that simple you start crying out loud but is totaly ungrounded.
    I bet you had more difficult things in your life only you are whining about it to get attention. If you just start with a 'hi' and then tell your problem i am sure people or access can tell you what to do to solve your problem. But for what i can make up from your text is that you are just bashing on access for something that you could easily fix with some support.


    ;( cry me a river.

    DAW: Cubase 5
    OS: Windows 7

    MB: Asus Rampage Extreme
    RAM: 4x 2GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
    CPU: Intel core 2 quad @ 3.0 GHz
    GPU: ATI EAH 4890 1GB
    Sound: t.c. eletronic Konnekt 8
    Monitoring: 2x KRK rp6 g2 + 1x KRK rp10s
    DSP: UAD, t.c. eletronic Powercore 6000 including virus powercore
    USB: Virus Ti Polar
    FW: Korg m3

  • I would agree with the above. There is a way to get help and a way to get someone's back up. I'm a service engineer for a robotics company and have to deal with mind bending software/hardware issues everyday, so i no how anoying it can be when thing don't do do what their supposed to do. Please remember 99.9% of all problems can be solved. The fact that there are people out there with fully working Virus Ti setups is testament to this. YES i did have some issues with mine at first, but through reading from this FIRST CLASS forum i realised MY! mistakes and now have Virus Snow that i love to bits. BE PATIENT and ask the right questions in the right tone and you will solve your problem. As it is it sounds like you have an unstable OS ( reguarding your FL9 update error) "you can't build a first class city on uneven ground". Nuke the system, start from scratch ( i have seperate DAW and General/internet boot drives) and don't loose faith in an awesome machine from a company willing to help, change and adapt to the buyers needs.

  • This is extremely dissappointing not to mention google is plagued with people complaining about virus control, I'm yet to understand why it was even released with so many people experiencing issues. Seems like nothing short of false advertising to me.


    you had nearly two month to reply to all the tips and hints provided by other forum members - but you didn't. not a single line. if you wanted to vent with the first post you ever did on this forum - you certainly achieved your goal. if you you just wanted to make it into the google cache, caching all those complains of people being "plagued" - you made that one too, leaving everybody who wrote a reply in the dark if it helped you or not.

    best, marc