Logic 9 and Virus Control?

  • Not writing to report a problem I'm having with Logic.... I'm running Digital Performer 6.03, and just purchased my second Virus (whiteout TI2 #89) - have an original Virus A from 1997.
    Since Virus Control doesn't support DP, and they don't work together well at all, I'm thinking seriously of changing over to Logic.

    I read hear many posts describing problems with the new OS and Logic... wondering if any Logic users might email me personally with their experience with running Virus Control and Logic.

    Specifically how well the AU Virus Control works within Logic. Can it be used in live performance and reliably for production?


  • I'm using Logic Express 8 with a slightly older version of the 3.x series OS on Leopard and I rarely have any problems. Those that I have had have been so minor that a quick reboot of Logic or the Virus always fixes them. I haven't had any repetitive problems, just glitches.

    The VC plugin is very mature and stable in Logic in my experience. I've been thinking of upgrading to Snow Leopard but everything works so well right now, I don't want to rock the boat.

    - max