Plugin stopped working

  • Since 2 days my Total Integration Plugin stopped working.
    When I open a new project and put the Virus plugin in it works fine, once I save, close and reopen it says "No Virus Ti Snow" found, even tho I have a Ti2
    Does anyone know what to do?

    FL Studio 20, Win 10 -64bit

    Ps, haven't had any problems in Logic Pro X

  • I have exactly the same issue.

    My solution to this, open in other host VSTI plugin (it works in Studio one) or Komplete Kontrol and then again try to open in FL it should work. Mind you that after some time plugin will stop working again.

  • I fixed it by downloading the software suite installer and removing everything completely and reinstalled it. was pretty fast and didn't need to update the firmware as it's the latest already, I'd recommend you that

    Unfortunetly it did not fixed your issue, trust me on this, i have tried, its more of a conienciendnce, crashes will be back 100%.

    Yesterday i spoked with a friend, he is also expierience this random crashing/not working but on Mac OS and Cubase.