How to setup Virus TI VST Plugin in Windows 10 & Ableton Live 9

  • Hi,

    I have gone through the Ableton Install Guide for Virus, i have set a custom VST plugin path to

    C:/Program Files (x86)/VSTPlugins where the Access Music folder with the VST files are in.

    It simply wont pick up the VST plugin and still complains about the VIrus TI plugin not being able to find.




    I am just a music enthusiast. Used to make a lot of music using Amiga 500 and Cakewalk from 1985-1999.

    Digital Gear : Korg Electribe, BOSS DR707 Drum machine, Virus TI Polar, Audio DJ8

    Analog Gear: Les Paul Electric Guitar Epiphone, Guild Acoustic 6-string, Djembe, harmonicas

    Music Training: 11-years classical piano lessons, self-taught guitar

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