Using virus ti to trigger external synths

  • I’m trying to play my rack synths with the virus polar but nothing is happening. I have the correct midi channels selected. I have midi outgoing from my virus to the other synths. Is there something I’m missing?

  • No I don’t see any midi lights. However when I use logics external synth utility I can trigger all my synths daisy chained by switching midi channels but during standalone, without the daw, nothing happens

  • You’ve tried connecting the polar directly to the synths? If it’s through a midi interface connected to your computer, you should consult the manuals of the interface and daw to make sure you have it setup correctly.

  • Yes I have it set up correctly. It seems there is an issue with the virus being in usb mode? Default is usb, and usb mode is usb... I think that is the issue. I haven’t had this problem with virus before, or maybe I didn’t notice. is there an option within the virus to turn off usb? Clearly, this is the issue if midi out works with a daw yet not working in standalone. Seems archaic to have to unplug a cable to use midi...