Cleaning a Virus C

  • Hi all,

    Bit of a left-field question, but I've just bought a second-hand Virus C and it could do with a clean on the external surfaces to freshen it up - especially the front panel but also the knobs and buttons themselves - anybody know a safe and reliable method that they've tried and tested? Obviously don't want to damage anything! :)


  • Soapy water on a soft cloth or paper towel is sufficient for the front panel, hair that was caught by the grease on the pots can be wiped off using paper towels.

    The buttons are simple - just let them soak in a tub of warm soapy water, wipe them clean with your hands and towel-dry them.

    The knobs are trickier. An ultrasound bath is probably best but since I don't have one I used an old toothbrush, warm soapy water and elbow grease. If there's a better way then I'd be curious to hear it as well.