Virus TI Keyboard - Humming/Buzzing

  • I am reaching out for support on my Access TI Keyboard that began emitting a humming/buzzing sound after booting up. Any ideas on what may be causing this? This appears to be coming from the internal power supply. Is it possible to get a replacement internal supply and what does it use? If so, where could I get one? Is this likely to be the issue?



  • Possibly but it could also be the internal 5V regulator - I had a buzzing sound in my Virus C when it failed. Do you have a suitable power supply you can use for testing? Anything between 9 and 12V will work as long as it can provide 1A and has the correct plug (- outside, + inside).

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    is a video that shows how to open the TI 61 up. The power supply on the right hand side simply plugs into the PCB that holds the audio and MIDI connectors. If you have a power supply you can try out, just plug it in there instead.

    If the buzzing remains then my guess would be the 5V regulator, which needs soldering skills to replace.