Virus TI2 Multi-output instrument in Logic Pro 8, 16 channels possible?

  • Hi
    I'm using the latest versions of Logic Pro 8 and Virus Control, and I want to be able to separate all the parts of the TI2 like individual channel strips, so I can add insert effects to each one separately. I've searched through the forum, and I found someone who had a similar problem, but I've tried this method and it only gives and extra 2 stereo auxillaries (USB 2 and 3), rather than the 16 I would like
    multi-out in logic 9 thread
    Is this the best I can get, or is there a method that will get me the 16 separate instruments I want? I'm willing to try anything, no matter how complicated it is!
    If it isn't possible, is there any way of sending individual parts to auxillaries in Logic for send-effects?
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

  • I think this has been explained before my Mark at Access, That it is impossible to do this since its only streaming Via one USB.

    I know man sad news to hear but if you need to just Bounce down one channel to Audio, insert it back in and add your FX to that channel.

    If im wrong please email me back, but as far as i know and i have don my own reserch for the last 6 months that its impossible to do so.

    Hope this helps.

  • Glad i could help.

    Dont worry to much about it,

    Access Ti has great FX on it and i know with access future updates there will be heaps more FX per channel in later time.

    But for now it just sucks LOL

    Have a good one mate.

  • This is not something that can be "fixed". It is indeed an issue with USB bandwidth. The maximum the TI can handle are 3 USB outs and 1 USB in (however side-chaining is only possible with Ableton Live and Apple Logic at this point).

    Maybe the MOTU device mentioned before uses a USB 2.0 high-speed chip which delivers more USB bandwidth, than the TI does, but again: this can't be "fixed". This is a limitation given by the hardware in use.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

  • Ok, how do we sidechain only one channel and it not effect the other Virus sounds in Logic. I want to be able to EQ them separately as well within Logic.
    Where is the Logic/Virus TI tutorial/demo song? I'd like to load it as a template but can't find it. Thanks!

  • I have the exact same problem. need to sidechain bass and EQ each track seperately..ive been looking for a solution for a long time. I was hoping with OS4 it was gonna be fixed.

  • holy s*** I think I just found a solution for this:

    In order to use side-chaining, you need to enable the “3 Outputs / 1 Input” mode in Virus Control’s settings first. Please note that once this mode is enabled, the Virus cannot double as a soundcard anymore.

    1. Go to the patch/utility tab in your Virus Control settings and set it to "3 outputs / 1 input".
    2. go to the common page for the Virus TI track and set the main out to USB2 or USB3 L + R or whatever your preference is.
    3. Add an audio channel in ableton and select "Virus TI" for "Audio From" and 3/4 or 5/6 depending on your preference for channel.
    4. Now you are going to be able to add whatever fx you need to this audio channel and its coming straight out of the Virus into your audio track.

    the only thing is that you can only do it for two tracks but it works for me as long as I can sidechain the bass.

    Let me know if it works.