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    My whole DAW runs on windows XP it really runs like a dream with no issues or bugs unlike others that have gone through the whole upgrading to windows 7 ect. I really want to update my virus ti software to v.5 but their is no software update for windows xp :( Their are many people that still use XP so i wonder if access will release a Windows XP Virruss TI V.5 update ???

    I agree ENTIRELY ! Also my XP machine runs beautifully, boots in 8 seconds, Never, ever an issue even when using software made for Win 7 & 8 unless it uses touch runtimes (e.g. Sonar X2a) <---could care less,.. There ARE plenty of people running OS5 on XP w/ no problems,. Marc made it clear that Access have not done anything to prevent it from installing on XP,. but that they wont test against it anymore & I do Not agree with this decision 'like I said' the Virus TI's are VERY EXPENSIVE pieces of hardware,. unlike a software only VST thus they should be supporting XP AT LEAST until they come out with a TI 3 or whatever ........ And you folks that are on a newer OS ... just don't because if you were still on XP 'strictly' you'd be on board with this one ;) Anyway I digress,.. I have read numerous complaints that OS5 will not finish installing not just on some peoples XP machines but Vista and 7 as well,.. Have you even tried ? I have not as I am in the middle of many big projects and would not even if it was tested against XP simply because I don't have the time right now,.. I know I have never had an issue & this includes a lot of other people getting VC to install,.. So there is a bug obviously,.. Which is another reason I am not going to try right now even if I was on Win 7 ... ^^

    Actually WinRT apparently does not use more resources,. at least from all I have heard/read,. and like the desktop can be themed,.. The Start 8 by Star Dock I mentioned also follows your themes and even nicer allows you to boot directly to the desktop,.. I am goings to install it on my internet PC and see what I think of it over time for DAW use ...

    I definitely sympathize with Access on this one.

    I do not,. simply because they make 'Very' Expensive hardware :) As I said (e.g. Korg Kronos) amongst many others still offer hardware support for XP,. including a great many new hardware products that cost Far less ;)

    Also like I said any VST software I have,. made exclusively for Win 7 or 8 that had never been made to run on XP runs perfectly on my XP machine,. with thee exception of ones that use the new runtimes for touch use,. they just will not install at all,.. However I am working on that ;) Besides why on earth would Access want to use touch runtimes in the VC,. that would make their coding more buggy IMHO,..... Besides that is what iPad's are for :thumbup:

    From my investigations on start menu replacement,. Start 8 by Stardock looks great ! :)

    I downloaded the new OS and its actually working ok!!!

    Will the New OS5 have less polyphony for sounds I made with the previous OS4 or only with the use of new OS5 features,.. Also if choosing to install VST 2 and VST 3 will that result in two seperate .dll VST files so I can choose to use in my hosts either VST 2 or VST 3 as some hosts like Kore 2 do not like VST 3 :?::?:

    Thanks ! :)

    All points I understand,. yet I understand mine & others too,.. (but I will say again that Access regardless of it being software inside makes very expensive hardware to host it) Also many DAW users are still on XP,.. But I digress,. what is, is and what shall be will be :) Once I am finished up with my albums that is when I will upgrade,.. Probably by Windows 9 or 10 :) What sucks tho is that I will not give up my current system for when I have to go back to masters etc,. and each time I do I will have to push back the Virus OS internally to that system then back to the new one on the new DAW,. I just hope I don't burn out the flash ROM,. my Snow is all over most of my tracks :love:

    Do you by any chance have answers to my last questions about polyphony and VST 2 and 3 :?:

    Afterthought,. The more I have looked around the net people are using OS5 on XP just fine,.. Also what I find very weird are many people on Win 7 (even 32 bit) have more problems with VST software made for it then those who use it on XP,.. I use a lot of Win 7 only VST such as all of NI on XP with incredibly good luck,.. Of course that won't last forever,. but I will milk XP for as long as I can,. till my albums at the very least are finished :)

    we will do nothing to prevent XP from working unless there will be something in the future which forces us to. if it comes to the point where XP support costs extra time, we will probably decide against it. we will not test against XP anymore.

    But Marc,. The Virus is not a software VST,. it is Very expensive hardware,. surely Access can afford a few used machines that run XP,. that is not expensive,.. Also newer machines will run XP as long as the right drivers are used,. there is also dual boot like what you do with your Mac (any Mac will run XP) ...

    Windows 8 is not a bad OS but I sure hate that Metro and no more start menu :thumbdown:

    I could see if you were a software only company not wanting to bother with cost and an older OS as well as piracy,.. But you are a hardware company that makes beautiful and very expensive hardware,. if there is a company in this field that should make an exception for XP it is Access,. I know Korg does (Kronos e.g.) Now I do understand that if something changes with MSI installers, runtime libraries, & API's regarding the newer OS's how that would effect the ability to make future software that would work/install on XP,.. Of course Access could make an alternate VC for XP and Vista & 7 once they have support dropped I only suggest this as you are a hardware company,. good points I already stressed,. please pass these on to the Access Team :)

    Okay so I will drop this issue for now,.. BTW I will probably wait till Windows 9 :D Oh yes though I know I mentioned this,. all software made for Win 7 & 8 runs perfectly on XP unless touch features are used,. so Don't use them,. that is what iPads's are for 8)

    I still need to know if choosing to install VST 2 and VST 3 will result in two seperate .dll VST files so I can choose to use in my hosts either VST 2 or VST 3 in them :?::?:

    Will the New OS5 have less polyphony for sounds I made with the previous OS4 or only with the use of new OS5 features :?::?: These are Very important questions Marc that I and others need answers to,.. Many Thanks for all of your help :!::!::thumbup:

    we will decide then what to do.

    Thanks for that info Marc :) What would or could Access do ? Many are still on XP,. though yes they should move on,.. But some of us can not for a long time as we are in the midst of many projects that could take a few more years to complete & of course us XP users will probably want to go 64 bit,. thus many of our music programs that we are using now for our music projects will not work,.. We need more time,. please ask Access to keep this in mind,. and not to complain but we did spend a lot of money on hardware where as software VST companies it's a bit more understandable as they cost so much less,. and different versions can be on different OS's,.. Most of us can not afford two TI's to use two different TI OS's,.. Also I notice the installer for OS5 lets you choose either VST2 or 3 or both,.. If i selected to install both does that result in two .dll's for each :?: The reason I ask is some of software such as Kore 2 do not like VST 3,.. Thanks for your help Marc and Happy New Year !!! :thumbup:

    I plan to upgrade to Win 8 or 9,. my XP SP3 machine is Perfect and all NI Win 7 products work perfectly,. as well as other Win 7 programs,.. I can not upgrade yet as I have 3 albums in the works ...

    So to Marc and others: Any XP SP3 users having any luck, any OS related problems etc :?::?: I want to use the new Virus OS 502.1 I am on the older XP version running Sonar X1 with No problems :)

    Please give us your XP stories and details with this new Virus OS,.. Thanks !!! :thumbup:

    Hallo All!

    I am using Sonar Pro 8.5, I have recently made some breakthroughs learning how to make the best of VC integration in Sonar. BUT I am still numbed by all the staggering possibilities of both, and I do not understand a lot of it, Admittedly I am slow learner with all this tech.

    Hoping one or more of you can help, I would Very much Love to use my TI Snow's effects through USB, as if I were using any other hardware accelerated VST effect, I see a lot of discussion on the net about it that boggles and delights me, and any help would be much appreciated. I also have Kore 2 and would like to use this feature there aswell, I know next to nothing about Sonar's Side-chaining. I have seen it done in Cubase, but don't own it.


    Chris & Erik :)

    it would help if you take the time to explain what you did wrong.

    best, marc

    Well firstly, I assumed that like any other VSTi that one MIDI track would trigger all four parts. Example: My Korg Legacy M1 is 8-16 part multi timbrel, and all parts will sound using just one MIDI track (at least for an 8 part Combination).

    Like most other hardware synths, you have to assign a MIDI track to each timbre if your are going to sequence in a DAW. Example: My Korg Triton EXT 88, Yamaha TG-33, Roland JV-2080, Etc. will need a MIDI track for each part/timbre I want to use. I see now that the Snow works the same way.

    In Sonar a MIDI track must be created for each part in the Snow you wish to use. MIDI track 1 set to channel 1, for Part 1, and so on for the rest. You can use just one audio track for all four parts if you don't need or wish to process them separately by setting each of the four parts to USB 1 L+R or OUT L+R.

    If you want to process 2 or more parts audio separately, than you need to open up an audio track for each part and assign them in Sonar, then on the Snow by setting part two to USB 2 L+R, third part to USB 3 L+R, and fourth part to OUT L+R using audio cables going to your interface. You can also avoid using the cables if say, you have two parts that you don't mind sharing on the same USB audio channel, and I found that you can choose which two will share the same USB channel.

    In Sonar launching the Snow you can set in the dialog box to open audio on all stereo outputs, and by doing this you get one MIDI track, and 3 audio tracks already for use, using the Snow's USB outs 1,2,and 3 L+R. Then from there create 3 more MIDI tracks to get all four parts sounding.

    We re SO happy now that we figured this out, layering on the Snow is AWESOME :!::!::!::thumbup:

    Also When you create a Multi in VC say in Sonar for example, you can save it as a .FXP preset, to use again in another project :D

    Now I have to figure out how to get all 4 parts sounding in KORE 2 :wacko: Any advice on that?

    Cheers!!!!!! :)


    I have dug for answers and am at a loss.

    We have Sonar 8.5 & updated, running on XP SP3, Snow is updated to the latest OS, Fireface 800 latest drivers. AMD Athlon FX60 Dual Core, clocked at 2875 MHZ per core, 4 Gigs premium Corsair RAM. We use VC for the Snow exclusively.

    We can only ever hear one part. We have set part 1 for USB 1, Part 2 for USB 2, Part 3 for USB 3, and we know part 4 must use audio out L+R.

    We are beyond frustrated!!!!! To say the least.

    We really need a walk through, and/or an explanation. For what we spent, and for the type of musik we do (Ambient) We need to be able to stack all 4 parts, even 3 will do at this point through the USB. We bought the Snow in part to layer 4 parts, and love the idea of it, because in part it will not eat up our CPU for other VSTi / VST.

    This is driving us bat shit! We want what we paid for!! :cursing:

    Also the ability to process each part separately would be nice.

    A great MANY Thanks to all those that might help us in advance!!! :thumbup:


    Chris & Erik