Virus TI2: 2 questions, hope to find some answers!

  • Hi all,

    back again with 2 questions:

    1: My friend has a Virus Snow, i have a TI2.
    How is it possible to open the project he made at home with the snow at my house with the ti2?
    We both use FL Studio as daw, and the 32 bit plugin (he virus snow.dll i virus ti.dll)....
    I try'd to rename the plugin, but that didnt work..
    Is there a way to load up the presets/automations, etc?

    2. When i loaded up the virus vst 32 bit, made a sound and playing with the reverb settings, there is a crackled noise, and after that the hole sound from the virus is gone..
    Then i needed to power it off, reset the plugin and power the virus on again otherwise there is no sound... :(
    I try'd to use another usb port, also an usb hub (with multi-tt), and so on..
    What can be the problem?
    TI2, firmware Virus TI

    Thank you

  • 1) the plug-in for the snow and the rest of the TI series differ and you cannot migrate from one to the other. this might be possible in the future, depending on when sequencer manufacturers support migration. both VST and AU have properties for that, as far as i know. the technical reason behind this is the different I/O configuration and multi channel count.

    2) contact support, they'll help you to troubleshoot your system.

    hth, marc

  • Why not have your friend save the preset,. then load it into your Virus ? In FL can't you save a track as a template then just open it in your copy of FL ? I know this can be done with most DAW's,.. This 'should' take all settings including automation over ...

    Interesting, I also have a VIRUS TI2 keyboard and VIRUS TI snow.
    Greets Christoph