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    This is heading in the right direction for sure after update i to noticed better performance all round but still get the odd Glitch.......but definitely better... I held off the previous update with to many negative comments with unison mode not functioning how it should but after installing this 4.5.3 update everything does seem a bit tighter with at least six trax of Ti with effects and logic effects + softsynths all going on....nice

    And unfortunatley this is the case / problem...i to like you get peed off with out of sync..but now and again it really dose rock but then...ha ha ....Tight as a drum!!??...surely they can sort this out if it can do it sometimes??

    Hi herizens

    I am too on a mac 10.6.8 but with logic and wanted to ask why Access team said you need a usb hub....because i have some of the problems you outlined but have not yet been given any concise feedback to what i feel is a definite bottleneck on my usb bus......

    So i would really appreciate your help on this if you can find the time.....I see you mention a 7 port Belkin hub......what model exactly and was it described to you that this method is preferred over a pci-e to usb hub solution..........

    I only ask you directly because you seem to have had some help and the odd reply i have had off Marc has not helped me in any way...siiiiiii :S

    Hi all

    I have read on these forums that a brand new usb cable has cured a lot of sync and glitch problems with the virus Ti and would like to ask anyone in the know which cable i should buy......

    Should i get a Hi speed usb 2 cable and are these the same as usb 1.1 or should i go for the latest usb 3 cable which i believe to be colour coded Blue as they are all backwards compatible..?

    Any concise help will be fully appreciated...... :)

    Hi Marc,

    I know what you are saying in some parts of your last reply.......but take my last few sessions for instance....i have had the red out of sync please stop and start message a few times and tracks running out of sync here and there.........So to me its clear that my bandwidth most be getting compromised at some point after the virus ti has started do you not think?........I would really like to rule out a usb bottleneck occurring within my system but need a little help in doing so...

    But for now i am left wondering that everything is ok as Virus control started up because it has enough bandwidth...........But also realise that it can't be with these sync issues that flag up visually and audibly......

    @ fringe

    I was forced to get a PCI based USB card to remedy this. Still have the pops, clicks and crackles however.

    Could you please tell me which make/model and chipset your card is.....I had a problem with my motu 828mkII making clicks,crackles and pops and it turned out to be my onboard firewire port using the inferrier VIA chipset........Anyhow got a pci-e to firewire card with the Holy Grail of Texas Instruments chipset and everything worked perfect.....All this was on my previous build so i made shore that my current motherboard had that firewire chipset on to eliminate that problem........job done!!!

    Now all i need to do is find out which either powered hub or pci-e to usb 2 card i need for smooth operation for my virus Ti but no one seems to know or want share this information it seems!!

    [quote]You really can't? Do you realize that it's much easier to add features to a software product, than cram stuff into limited RAM and horsepower that a hardware synth has?
    Especially considering that general-purpose CPUs keep getting faster, while Virus hardware is basically unchanged since it was introduced in 2005
    [yes, I know about 25% CPU increase in the TI2, but really, it's nothing compared to increase in PC CPU speeds during that period]/quote]

    WoW what he said!!!

    But will the Ti it in a future update be able to be USB 3 compatible as these ports would have there own bandwidth as in not sharing any with usb 1.1/usb 2 as a look in my mother board manual shows usb 3 utilizing its own NEC chip!

    if the driver doesn't get the bandwidth, it will not start and the user will get a warning. if the bandwidth changes during operation, there is not really a way of measuring this. see, i've mentioned this in another thread already. we took time and tested everything using a new mac book pro (with an i7 processor) and it worked great. we need to find out what we're doing differently or what we're missing out.
    best, marc

    Thanks for reply........This is a shame because what we have at the moment is the virus or driver or both starting up because it or both thinks it has enougth bandwidth..........which i fully understand why you would do it like this...........But when we actually try to do anything it dosn't because something else has decided to use the same bandwidth just as you want to make music!!!!!

    If this is what you mean with your kind reply then i to need a dedicated usb full bandwidth solution with only the virus plugged into this.......which i am totally cool with by the way......but am a bit worried now as in i see so many people with these problems and yet Access team don't say ok ok so you have that system then you need this make/model hub or this make/model/chipset usb 2 to pci-e card.

    Are we really left to work this out for ourselves because i actually don' t mind spending a few more quid to sort this out if someone would point me in the right direction....hell i might even be so excited with this thing working as described i would go out and buy the Ti2 keyboard version and run them both together.........Hmmmm would this setup need two computers both with their own dedicated usb's.... ?(


    I here you... i am knew to all this, but have put loads of time into getting my virus Ti to do what it says on the tin......But.... have noticed nothing here gets answered in black and white as in this is this and that is that,

    Just imho....... ?(